Improve your supply chain in small ways

Logistics are essential to success, whether you’re the owner of a business or a manager in charge of your supply chain. The rest of your business will suffer if you don’t have a strong logistics department. Here are some simple steps you can take to improve your supply chain process:

Re-examine transport modes

When you are shipping multiple smaller items, you can save a lot of money by using small carriers. You might be surprised by the differences in price for different weights or areas. Mid-sized businesses can benefit from rethinking their routes and how they ship their goods, rather than relying solely on corporate carriers.

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Top Sellers

When dealing with physical products, make sure that your fastest-moving items are placed in a way to ensure a minimum process time as well as faster dispatch. Think carefully about how you store your top-selling items to avoid creating a staff bottleneck.

Keep packing equipment near you

A successful warehouse is one that reduces the time spent on picking and packing. Keep packing boxes, tape, and other materials near the shipping station to speed up the process. What time would be lost by an employee having to travel to another part of the building to locate bubble wrap? Also, don’t overlook security. Consider how a Security Seal can improve high value shipments. Find out more by visiting

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Pick up

It’s a good idea to have staff pick up items and place them directly into the shipping boxes if it is possible. It’s a good idea when the majority of items can fit in standard boxes. This saves time even more if these boxes are already labelled.

Incorporate mobile printers

You can save time if you are dealing with pre-packaged items. A staff member could use a wireless handheld printer to print shipping labels. You can combine two tasks into one by using a system that prints a shipping label as soon as the parcel is scanned.

Use drop-shipping

It’s a trend which is becoming more popular as it allows you to save time and reduce transport costs. This is the process of shipping directly from your supplier to your customer through third-party billing processes.

On-demand packaging

An on-demand packaging system could be the answer to a growing demand for reduced waste, sustainability, and lower costs. The machine automatically cuts the right size box from the rolls of corrugated cards that are stored.

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