5 delightful Valentine decorated cakes for wedding

Valentine decorated cakes

We are already close to the arrival of one of the most romantic dates for the year … Valentine! If you would like to spoil your partner and make him feel special nothing is more cute and rich than a sweet present. See below the lovely valentine decorated cakes. Make your partner more in love than ever.

It is said that there can not be a celebration without a good cake, and that is that they are the ideal complement to share a special moment and celebrate every occasion. If we want to celebrate a romantic Valentine without falling into the commercial side of the quintessential romantic party. There’s nothing like preparing a good homemade cake. Surely with this selection of 5 Valentine’s cakes to fall in love, you will find the inspiration you need.

Valentine decorated cakes

5 Valentine decorated cakes

We do not have to be expert confectioners to surprise our partner with a delicious cake prepared with love. The best thing is that we can prepare your favorite cake, or surprise you with a special recipe betting on the flavors that you like, perhaps with some aphrodisiac touch. In the decoration, almost everything is allowed on Valentine’s Day. Abuse the hearts, flowers and pink tones if that is what you want.

Very romantic cakes

Very romantic cakes

To romanticize a cake, we can simply bet on a creamy butter coating, called buttercream that we can make softer by adding the odd ingredient. The buttercream cake, raspberries, and mascarpone are perfect, colorful, elegant and very romantic. Thanks to the decoration in the form of flowers that we will get using a star nozzle.

A slightly less pompous but equally refined option with a professional pastry presence is the crunchy tart of mascarpone and raspberries. It is a cake with a very simple base dough on which is placed the creamy filling of cheese and raspberries. It is a fruit that also serves us for the final decoration with a result of the most romantic.

Chocolate cakes

Very romantic cakes

The chocolate cannot miss Valentine and is said to be a powerful aphrodisiac. In any case, in almost every culture that celebrates Valentine’s Day is typical to give chocolate. So, why not do it through a cake? For a safe bet, we have the unbeatable traditional Sacher cake, an irresistible delight to any sweet tooth.

If you prefer to make a recipe simpler and quicker but just as delicious, the magic chocolate cake is another great option. Because of it alone during baking forms three different layers without having to complicate. To impress the most chocolatier, we have a fantastic chocolate cake, with a combination of hazelnut, chocolate cream, and chocolates with which to conquer.

Fruit cake

Fruit cake

The recipes fruit tarts are a good alternative for a somewhat lighter dessert. Especially if we are to serve after a heavy dinner. There are options for all tastes, and although the strawberry and cream cake is the most classic. We can be more original for example with this strawberry and pear cake, with a rustic touch but with a lovely finish.

The best thing is to use seasonal products, and that is that we now have excellent tasting citrus that we can take advantage of. The tart with lemon cream is very simple, fresh, light and very aromatic, while the thin tart of blood orange and hazelnut will surprise for the beautiful presence that this variety has.

Greek Cheesecake And Yogurt


To me, the cheesecakes have always seemed to me most romantic. So, I could not miss this selection for Valentine’s Day. Beyond the most typical recipes, I propose two perfect variants for a special occasion, starting with the succulent cake with cheese, nuts, and honey. It is also said that honey and nuts stimulate libido, but in any case, it is an exquisite combination.

If you prefer a lighter version, the Greek cheese and yogurt cake is ideal. Also, it can be completed as you like: with fresh fruit, whipped cream, melted chocolate, etc. Finally, a slightly different option, the rice cake with milk without an oven, with which you will surely get surprised … and fall in love.

You already know that we defend Valentine’s Day as a perfect occasion to demonstrate love through cooking. There is nothing like giving yourself a sweet treat to share as a couple this day, or even with the family. I hope that these 5 Valentine decorated cakes to love have inspired you to prepare a good dessert full of love.

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