How to choose the groom’s accessories in 5 simple steps

groom's accessories

The groom’s accessories are not a trivial matter. Their choice and pairing depend very much on the type of dress chosen and, even if nowadays it does not give much importance to the rules of etiquette it is true that some of them are maintained, especially if you choose a classic outfit.

Here we will analyze all the variations that make up the range of possibilities for groom’s accessories, some subject to rules and other results of the personality of the protagonist. Follow these 5 steps and learn to dress like an authentic dandy.

groom's accessories

Step 1: Take the dress you have chosen as a reference

First of all choose the dress that suits you best and that best suits your needs as the accessories, especially if they are traditional and follow the label, often go hand in hand with the dress as in the case of the tight, tuxedo and frac.

The tight is subject to rather strict rules: the jacket is a frock coat with a single button and semi-circular flaps on the back that give it the characteristic appearance. It goes well with the white shirt with buttons and double cuff to insert the cufflinks that go perfectly with this type of outfit. Use the tie with Windsor knot under the vest that can be straight or crossed and in various colors. The tight is completed with a black, gray or pinstripe trousers, according to taste. The shoes are usually made of leather and, if you love to follow the tradition to the letter, gloves and hat are perfect groom’s accessories … even if a little excessive.

Another chief subject to rules is the tuxedo: a great classic at gala parties. The straight black jacket has no flaps, the collar of the white shirt is ideal for the bow tie, which must be black (we do not recommend wearing a tie). Even the rest of the accessories must be black, that is: the vest, the trousers and the band. The gloves are white or gray even if they are rarely used nowadays.

Even the tails, considered the chief of elegance, it has its own rules. The jacket is a redingote that stands out for its silk lapels, the cut is horizontal and is short on the front with pointed flaps, it is combined with an ivory piqué gilet, white bow tie, black trousers and black lace-up shoes.

groom's accessories

Step 2: Adapt the accessories to your personality

As with all aspects of marriage, your personality is fundamental. In fact, it will be dominant in the choice of location, in the decorations and in the style of the groom’s accessories and dress will therefore depend on this aspect. Choose accessories that match (more or less) the bride’s dress and the style of the wedding.

In the case of a classic wedding just follow the advice we gave you a while ago, if instead you look for an  alternative style and not formally  forgotten conventions and choose from the options that suit you best. In this sense there are numerous styles that have nothing to do with what we have previously exposed to you. Those who follow a hipster style  for example, they opt for jackets that are totally independent of trousers (as long as the jacket is used), shirts with bizarre colors, ties with funny prints, original bow ties, braces and much more.

If the style is casual, the groom should not wear a bow tie or tie; the dress is simpler, without frills, and for this reason, almost without accessories. For spouses who do not want to follow the rules is the informality that said law regarding the choice of groom’s accessories?

For boho-chic weddings or hippies, which are usually celebrated in the countryside or on the beach, the brides choose light and light white dresses that give a feeling of freedom. The bride and groom on the other hand, who can choose a linen dress or simply white shirt and trousers, use very few accessories even if it is common to see them wearing flowers in the buttonhole of the shirt or on the collar of the jacket.

groom's accessories


Step 3: Know the various options of each of the groom’s accessories


Before starting, it is important to know that the usual ties with the wide blade have been added narrower, up to the point of respecting the same thickness from top to bottom. Specifically, the tight black tie is elegant and is comfortable with everything, so it is never a bad choice.

The striped red tie is much more formal and is used mainly in the workplace, perhaps for marriage is not the best choice. The cotton ones are back in fashion (thanks to their vintage style) in various models with that classic-modern look that is so popular at the moment. The same made knitted ties knit stitch, vintage-looking par excellence, many of them are straight cut with the cut toe: ideal for revolutionary spouses who do not follow the rules.

Even the embroidered ties are proving a great success: usually decorated with stripes and designs that give it a special refinement. This style is called preppy, and is typical of the most influential American colleges and universities. The sober colors of these ties are in fact often used as decoration for the sportswear of these university centers, or at least their students wear them to participate in certain disciplines.

Bow tie

This accessory can be divided into two large groups: ready-tied or clip and self-tie (which must be connected independently). The former is more informal and is not recommended, even prohibited, for formal clothes.

As for the materials, the most elegant and commonly used fabric for high-level events is silk, especially for classic clothes (tuxedos or tails), even if the cotton, knit stitch and wool, more informal, are back in rowing and match perfectly with any groom suit. Printed ones are typical, but even plain ones are very used.


When we opt for a classic style we also accept to follow all the rules. This style includes shirts with double cuffs suitable for the use of one of the key accessories in this type of outfit: the twins. Widely used in formal and gala looks, they can be combined with more original outfits that come off the label, generating a mix of modern and traditional very trendy.

There are several types of twins: from the cheapest series products to customized ones. Among the various options there are those in enameled brass or with stones, those in silver or in carbon (resistant and light), those in sapphire glass, in copper, in rubber and many others. Just choose the one that suits you.


The waistcoat is a mandatory detail in classic clothes. With the tight this accessory can be gray, yellow, purple green and blue, even if usually the couple choose it the same color of the dress. As for the tuxedo, the gilet is as black as the rest of the dress, while the tailcoat requires an ivory pique vest to perfectly complete the look.

Beyond the most classic clothing there are various types of gilet, almost always matched to the dress that give life to a sophisticated three pieces. Others, however, are completely detached from the rules that between fantasies and colors give a revolutionary note to the outfit.


There are leather belts, braided belts or suede, but for a wedding we always recommend the leather belt with a simple buckle: it is elegant and not too ostentatious.

The belt serves as a decorative element even if it is never the protagonist, it serves to complete the look but without marking it. Although black and brown are the most chosen colors, this accessory should always be matched to the color of the shoes.

Other accessories

Spouses usually wear flowers or handkerchiefs in lapels or pockets; these elements should never be combined, at least according to the rules of the protocol, the combination would be excessive, so we advise you to avoid it.

The straps, once associated with an old-fashioned look, are back in fashion, bringing with them a modern touch. Mono color or decorated give a touch of outstanding originality.

Many claim that socks are the fun part of underwear, for your wedding you can avail yourself of this accessory by opting for bright colors, fun prints, designs or phrases that give originality to the look. They can be combined with a tie or bow tie and make the outfit even more extravagant. If instead you point to sobriety you can choose a color that matches your shoes so as not to attract too much attention, the choice is yours!

The perfect watch is the one with three hands, preferable to the chronograph, since it gives a more sophisticated look inside look and considering the wide variety of dials available, which usually do not follow any label, we suggest to choose at least the strap in leather (brown or black) rather than the metal one.

groom's accessories

Step 4: Protocol

We have already seen what are the rules associated with the use of some types of clothes, but it is also interesting to know what is appropriate to wear according to the time of celebration or whether it is day or evening.

The tight is a dress that in ancient times was worn by English gentlemen to go horse riding, as this was a practice that took place during the day, this garment should be worn for weddings held in the morning or early afternoon, as it is among its accessories includes the tie and not the bow tie that is used in the evening.

The tuxedo as a gala dress is used in the evening, it is in fact the most worn garment during dinners and gala events. The knights of the nineteenth century used it to go out smoking (tuxedos) during the dinners in the large houses of the aristocracy that is why it is known by that name. The bow tie, in this case black, is the protagonist accessory.

The same rule applies to the frac which is the most formal clothing among the three and is used exclusively in the evening. It is the most used dress during private parties that usually require a dress code, is a typically aristocratic outfit with very strict rules, the bow tie is obligatorily white.

groom's accessories

Step 5: Follow our advice

Regardless of the chosen style, feeling comfortable during your wedding is the most important thing. Do not exceed with groom’s accessories if your goal is comfort and a certain freedom in movement. All this obviously depends on the dress and considers, as we have explained previously, that some of them have accessories that will be mandatory to wear for the perfect result. Always keep in mind that a wedding can last more than 12 hours and is characterized by many factors of stress and agitation such as the reception of guests, the party and dancing.

Another thing that we want to give you is to stay true to yourself. Then read step 2 and take into consideration your personality to draw up the list of groom’s accessories. Do not wear anything that does not agree with your way of being and do not let yourself be conditioned by conventionalize.

Here we are, the list is complete! Only a twist of hair and beard is missing and you will be perfect! Do not forget to give a quick reading to our advice to avoid making mistakes on your wedding day!

Smile proud, head up and look directly at the entrance of the church, the wedding march has already begun to play!

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