4 things not to do if you have already purchased the wedding dress


You have purchased the wedding dress that suits you and now you seem to touch the sky with your finger! Too much enthusiasm, however, can also bring with it some insecurities. Find out how to avoid them by reading everything you do not have to do after buying your dress!

After the last test you can finally say it: you have purchased the wedding dress that is really all you have ever dreamed of! Satisfied and relaxed, now you are ready to put away your sumptuous dress in the closet, before the arrival of the long-awaited wedding. But insecurity and worry are the order of the day and so you find yourself overwhelmed by doubts and paranoia: “Will you be okay with the bride shoes I chose? Will the wedding day fit me perfectly?”. If these are just some of the questions that come to your mind these days, keep reading the article and you will understand what situations to avoid if you have already purchased the wedding dress!

1. Further tests


Certainly it was not a simple choice and the indecision between that wedding dress in lace and the other prestigious model in organza has tormented you to the end. But after the numerous visits to different ateliers you have managed to build an outfit that satisfies your every desire and that will make you perfect brides!

Once the changes have been made, your dress is impeccable and ready to be worn on your wedding day. So why the desire to try it and try again? At this point the biggest mistake you could make is just to continue to look at yourself in the mirror wearing the dress intended for your wedding: not only you risk falling into further doubts and insecurities, but in the long run what is for sure the dress that suits you will end up bored and lose all its magic!

Remember that moment in the atelier when you radiant exclaimed “yes, it’s the dress for me!”? Here focus on that moment and abandon all kinds of indecision: the model you have chosen is unique and irreplaceable, created on the basis of your needs. Try it and try it again at home will not change things, so relax and wait patiently for the arrival of the big day!

2. Show it to anyone


You are so enthusiastic about buying your very elegant wedding dress that you cannot wait to tell anyone! The desire to share with mother and friends the joy of having found the dress of your dreams is really unstoppable as well as waiting to receive opinions and confirmations from them. Calm a moment! It will be true that in modern times the traditions can be abandoned or at least revisited, but remember that the wedding dress should remain a secret until the wedding day!

If you are dying to show it to someone, make a selection of your closest friends or close relatives, like your mother or a devoted aunt. Absolutely avoid, however, to show it to your future husband! Not only is it said that it “harms” but it would also ruin all the poetry and the magical atmosphere of surprise typical of the moment when you arrive at the place of your ceremony.

3. Change physical


Anxiety and stress. A whirlwind of emotions that do not make you sleep at night and take away your appetite or on the contrary lead you to eat all the time! The wait for the day of their wedding is certainly a very delicate moment that can touch the sensibility of future brides, even leading them to lose weight or increase a few pounds.

This may not be a significant problem, but if this situation occurs after you have purchased the wedding dress then yes it becomes a drama! Once all the modifications and any repairs have been confirmed, the wedding dress will no longer have to be retouched, and it is necessary that your body does not undergo incisive changes that compromise its wear ability.

To get to the day before the wedding sure that wearing your wonderful dress it fits you perfectly, try to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and make sure you never skip meals or throw yourself on junk food. Only in this way will you be able to live with serenity the exciting moments of pre-marital waiting and get ready and in a dazzling form on your wedding day!

4. Look at other clothes


You have leafed through countless bridal fashion catalogs, followed by tips from friends and relatives, but nothing has changed your mind: you are in love with it at first sight and that is exactly what you will wear for your wedding!

But a few days after the purchase here you are to compare yourself with other future brides and of course all the speeches fall on the description of their wedding looks. Among the friend who will wear a sophisticated mermaid wedding dress and the latest advertising campaign of that famous wedding fashion atelier you have really confused ideas, and you find yourself even to question your previous choice!

Stop for a moment and rationalize the situation: you have already purchased the wedding dress and found the dress of your dreams, so why compare it with that of other future brides? Every woman has their own tastes and personalities and there is no comparison! Your outfit will be irreplaceable because it is the result of your choices and will make you beautiful and especially inimitable brides!

Buying a wedding dress is always a delicate and exciting moment for all future brides, but with the help of our advice you now know which situations to avoid once you have confirmed your outfit choice! If you really cannot help but keep thinking about the dress that you will wear on your wedding day, focus on other organizational aspects of your event, such as the creation of original wedding place cards or the choice of a delicious menu to be offered to guests. By doing so you will not run the risk of falling into these trivial mistakes!

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