A Complete Guide to Drink Bars and Cocktails for Weddings

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The drinks bar for weddings can be very expensive. When we start planning the reception party, the question arises about what to offer our guests and of course the fear of falling short! Take note of these tips and suggestions. Since the party is not a party without a good bar of drinks and cocktails for weddings!

Tips for drinks bar and cocktails

the drinks bar

When we talk about drinks for weddings, the first thing we must determine is the budget we have for the drinks bar. The variety, quality and quantity of drinks that we can offer will depend on it.

Once the budget is defined, we must consider the tastes and preferences of the couple and what they want to drink at their wedding.

Do not forget to choose soft drinks, waters, and / or juices to offer to the smallest ones and the guests who prefer them!

In accordance with the style of celebration chosen, we give you some recommendations and examples. For drinks for weddings on the beach , no doubt beers or drinks such as mosquito, daiquiris, sangria and fruit juices, will be a perfect combination. At the glam wedding drinks bar you can not miss the champagne accompanied by good wines, preferably white. If your wedding is vintage retro style, you can choose wines, champagne and whiskey. A hobo chic wedding can take pink lemonade, sangria with lots of fruit. The dinner of a country wedding can be accompanied with a good Chianti.

How to calculate the amount of drinks for weddings

To calculate the amount of drinks in your drink bar, consider the main drink of your wedding and its performance and the number of guests who drink alcohol. The amount of drinks for mobile bars also depends on the wedding schedule. At weddings during the day, you drink much less than at a night party.

For a full beverage bar, an estimated five to six glasses of liquor per person. This includes varieties of alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, rum, vodka, tequila and gin. It is estimated that the youngest drink more alcohol than the older ones so estimate the amount according to the age of your guests.

It is important to determine if we want champagne only for the toast or if it will be one of the many drinks that we will serve at the wedding. Generally, a person does not drink more than two drinks, unless he has chosen that drink to accompany him throughout the night.

Some considerations about the type of drink and its yield:

Wine: one of the most chosen drinks mainly to accompany meals yields 8 glasses per bottle. For this, it is calculated between 1.5 and 3 glasses per guest for dinner.

Whiskey: yields approximately 18 to 21 glasses per liter.

Vodka: usually presented in 750 ml bottles yields between 15 and 17 glasses.

Champagne: 7 glasses per bottle.

Rum: 17 to 22 glasses per bottle

Tequila: 20 glasses per bottle

Beer: calculate between 3 and 4 small bottles per person, if it is the main drink.

Trends in drinks and cocktails bar

One of the trends of this season are non-alcoholic cocktails or “mocktails”. The word derives from the combination of “mock” + “cocktail”, that is, a false cocktail. The mocktail is a virgin or alcohol-free cocktail, based on fruits and juices combined with a gasified touch. They come with the most diverse combinations and colors. With this trend, the possibilities for your drinks bar, from the fresh water of watermelon with jalapeño to the mojito of blueberry and gooseberries, are endless and very varied!

Another fashionable ingredient in the bar of drinks is the kombucha, a fermented drink derived from the tea, with acid flavor that contains small quantities of alcohol. It is one of the leading drinks of the fruit cocktails in the mobile bars this year.

Sparkling drinks served in a glass, with lots of ice, a touch of vodka, whiskey or pisco combined with different types of sparkling or soda, but flavored with honey are an excellent idea for the bar of drinks and cocktails of your wedding.

More and more couples align the drinks bar with the style of the wedding and choose a personalized cocktail that represents them or drinks to match the colors of the wedding. Super cool!

L as beverage bars this season overflowing with fun ideas. Many couples offer mini drinks, as a welcome cocktail, along with exquisite mini foods . Original and elegant sandwiches, accompanied by the richest cocktails and with a presentation worthy of a photo that is even worth eating or drinking!

Another fashion trend in the cocktail bar are drinks presented in small individual bottles. Ask your bartender for help in choosing items to personalize drinks. You can add from a straw or straw, ideal to accompany small bottles, or nice cards with a phrase, the date of the wedding or the initials of the happy couple.

But the most of the most is to coordinate the color of the drinks with that of the weddings themselves!

Your personalized drinks will stand out when the bartenders make an edge in the glasses with salt or sugar with the colors of your wedding.  Your signature drinks stand out when bartenders rim guests’ glasses with salt or sugar in your wedding colors.

Cocktail recipes and drink bar ideas for weddings

Finally we help you with two delicious recipes to include in the bar of drinks and cocktails of your wedding and surprise your guests: an exquisite Bourbon Fizz. And as not everything is alcohol at a reception, a refreshing choice of lemonade with macerated strawberries and a touch of mint.

Moisten the edges of the cups and immerse them in sugar. Then combine bourbon, almond liqueur, pasties and orange juice in a shaker. Add crushed ice, stir well and serve a little in each glass, then complete them with soda.

Recipe of express lemonade with strawberries and greens

Ingredients: juice of 5 lemons, 6 large fresh strawberries, mint leaves.

To make this tasty and refreshing drink you should place the lemon juice in a jar and add a few strawberries cut in half, along with eight fresh mint leaves and sugar to taste. Complete the jar with water and let it stand for 1 hour. Serve it with crushed ice and you will see how your guests stand in line for this delicious natural refreshment.

Free bar for the most demanded weddings

The best drinks bar for weddings

One part of the wedding that guests always remember with a smile is the famous open bar . Why will it be? The free bars usually offer the guests a wide range of flavors and this always causes great satisfaction. Also, do not forget that in a free bar everyone has time to chat quietly, without hassles or haste.

What better than a free bar of appetizers and glasses of wine at the beginning of the celebration for the couple to greet all their guests? If we add a buffet free of Iberian and cheese, we will have success assured.

After lunch or dinner, free drinks bars are very common at weddings. Your guests will enjoy the most sophisticated cocktails and drinks that best suit the season.

In summer, for example, you will hit the nail on the head if you put all glass jars with sangria or fresh lemonade and even barrels of beer so everyone can serve as they please. Keep reading and discover the most original ways to present a free bar!

Free bar for weddings events with style

At the time of setting and distributing a free bar for weddings we will consider several factors. Will it take place outdoors? Would you also like to organize a special bar for children, with non-alcoholic drinks and sweets? What style of wedding is best suited to your tastes? Take note of our advice!

Free bar for outdoor weddings

Organizing a free bar in a patio or garden is the key if your wedding is good weather. Place one or several bars in a corner of the patio or garden for your guests to enjoy the drink. For older people and for those who want to rest after so much walking with heels, distribute benches, chairs and stools. Another fundamental point to liven up the open bar and the rest of the celebration is music. To start the party, we recommend jazz. If the open bar takes place in an Andalusia patio , it encourages everyone with flamenco. Let the rhythm not stop!

Free bar for children triumph with every gust

for Weddings The

Who said that the free bars were only for the elderly? The little ones will have a pipe if you prepare a station so that they can serve themselves their favorite drinks and sweets!

We recommend that you fill colored buckets with jars and plastic bottles with juices and non-alcoholic soft drinks. If you have thought to offer the free bar for children after the food menu, do not forget the treats! Place labels or blackboards with the name of each drink and each sweet so that everyone recognizes the ingredients. You will leave both children and adults speechless!

Finally, whether you opt for an intimate wedding or if you prefer a glam wedding in a big way, as a party lover you know that free bars are always a hit. At West wing we are going to give you the keys to success! Can you imagine a free bar of chocolate, lemonade, trinkets and drinks that are more fashionable? Discover with West wing how to set a free bar for weddings and surprise your guests! If you want to celebrate a wedding in style and offer your guests a wide variety of food and drinks, what better way to receive them with a drink bar? The drink bars were, in principle, an option for the couple. In weddings now, organizing a drinks bar , more than a trend, is a must.

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