How to wear sleeveless tops if you want to keep your arms under wraps

Celebrate your arms; they’re pretty useful things to own! If you choose a sleeveless top and then decide to keep your arms under wraps, here is how to go about it.

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Many of us have hang-ups about our bodies. Some dislike their chicken skin, others their stomachs . Even if family and friends ridicule your foibles, sometimes you just want to feel comfortable in your skin by not drawing attention to the body part that you dislike. Sometimes you just feel like hiding your arms, yet knowing ‘out-out’ tops are super fashionable and spaghetti straps are having a moment. So the dilemma is how to wear a sleeveless top while feeling comfortable at the same time?

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1 Get shirty

If you have a tricky tank top to conceal, you could do worse than wearing a crisply starched shirt to put off the jacket season for a while. This styling solution is best for the cooler months when up-and-down weather means that layering is obligatory. Employ a white button-down shirt and jeans combo with a coat for transitional weather.

2 Buy a blazer

A blazer adds a structured layer for draping across your shoulders. This effortless look will make you feel super comfortable. The sheer variety of styles, colours and cuts can be confusing. We recommend tailoring for a custom fitting appearance.

Shoulder coverings will look good with a white maxi dress. You could purchase a white maxi dress at AX Paris.

If you are worried about exposing fat arms in a sleeveless top, see here

3 Use an Under Layer

Rock a slinky slip in the daytime or channel the ‘90s with a white tee worn underneath. This will both create structure and prepare you for harsher weather.

Pair a white tee with a skirt plus sandals for day, and wear heels to dress up in the night time.

4 Wear a cardigan

Although cardigans are becoming fashionable again, they can’t be said to be edgy. However, Dua Lipa has been seen in a silky mint one, and she aces it.

5 Shawls rule

Shawls were seen as fusty until Paloma Elsesser took to the red carpet in a tangerine Adam Selman outfit. Suddenly, the concept of a silk wrap became the season’s most desired look.

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