Using Feng Shui to create positivity in the bedroom

If you’re interested in how to create better feng shui in your home, a good place to start is in the bedroom. A bedroom that projects positive feng shui is one which has furniture organised in such a way as to tap into the healthy and positive power that is known as ‘chi’. Your bedroom should be a welcoming, peaceful place, a room for gentle stimulus of all the senses but maintaining a sense of serenity. Here are some easy ways to create more peace and comfort in your bedroom:

Get rid of exercise equipment and electrical gadgets

Calming, positive energy is disrupted by the presence of activity equipment and electrical goods. Negative energy is produced from high electro-magnetic frequencies in the air, breaking up the flow of energy. Harmonious feelings will be disrupted by the sight of exercise equipment associated with work. Electrical stimuli can also increase feelings of stress, making it difficult to relax and get to sleep.

Clean up your air

It’s a good idea to open your windows often to let some fresh air circulate. If you live on a busy road, consider installing an air purifier in your home to clean the air you breathe. Being surrounded by clean air is beneficial to both your mind and body. Having natural plants in the home is also beneficial but make sure they are positioned at the other end of the room to your bed.

Using Feng Shui

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Where your bed is positioned

A bed should be positioned so that it can be easily accessed from both sides. If you want to have bedside tables, make sure you have one on each side. Never position the bed directly in line with the door or in front of or facing full length mirrors. Creating positive feng shui also includes paying attention to having a good quality mattress, natural fabric for sheets and a solid headboard.

Bedroom doors

It’s easy to think that an open door would provide a better flow of energy, but at night-time all doors should be kept closed. This includes cupboard doors and the bathroom in particular. This is so that the positive and nourishing energy stays with you in the room you sleep in, keeping you strong and healthy. Promoting this positive energy will be easy to achieve if you keep things tidy and organised with stylish, Bespoke Fitted wardrobes from

The bathroom door should be kept closed as it is believed that positive chi can be drawn out of the house through the toilet. This is thought to affect both our wealth and health.

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Décor choices

It is best to opt for soothing and neutral shades for good feng shui balance. The colour choice should be one that promotes relaxing restorative sleep. Colours that are recommended for promoting positive energy include soft whites, creams, light greys and rich browns.



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