Tips for building works in schools

Many schools plan their building projects for the next year in advance to take advantage of the long holidays that occur during Easter, Summer and Half Terms. We offer a few key suggestions to those who are thinking about when to begin building.

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It is important to consider the safety implications when planning any construction work, whether it’s for minor modifications or a new education building. It is important to review and possibly amend the normal safety procedures.


Consider what materials you would like to use around and in your school. Ideally, these will be both cost-effective and environmentally friendly, as well as offering good longevity and pleasant aesthetics. This sounds like a tricky task so consult with Building Companies Manchester like Piggott.

Risk assessment

The construction industry has its own hazards. You should be aware of all risks and know how to minimise them.

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Plan your day

Prepare a detailed plan before you start any work. Include all the possible scenarios, even those that you don’t think could happen.

Communication is key

Establish channels of communication for all parties involved, including contractors, Building Companies Manchester, project managers and school staff as well as parents and students. The more everyone understands the process, the less they will be frustrated.

Check your insurance

Your insurance policy may need to be altered due to the hazards associated with building work. You will at least need to notify your insurers if they require changes to your policy.

Background Check

In a school, you must be sure of the integrity and honesty of those who work there. You will need to check any construction workers unless they are completely separated from students.


Both the school and builders have valuable materials and items. Plan for both security, even if normal barriers are compromised.

What is the best way to teach?

Building is disruptive, but it can also be exciting. This is especially true if you are building a new education facility. Include the students in the learning process about what’s happening and why.


It is important to understand the clear delineation between the school and builders so that, if anything goes wrong, the right action can be taken.

Don’t get dirty

Construction work is messy but schools must operate in a clean and tidy environment. Building contractors must therefore be aware of this need.

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