The Incredible Versatility of the Tolix Chair

It seems incredible that a chair that was designed in 1934 is still being talked about and desired today. The chair was the brainchild of Xavier Pauchard, a French designer who trademarked the Tolix name for his business in 1927. The Tolix was unique in that it was constructed from sheet metal. It was instantly a success, remaining one of the most popular chairs from Pauchard’s range of furniture.

Over 80 years later, the iconic Tolix is still sought after thanks to its useful features. Made from metal, the chair can be easily stacked to save space, is extremely durable and robust whilst being aesthetically pleasing too. Its versatility and practicality made it an instant hit with restaurant and café owners across the world. It can be used both inside and out and blends in with many different design styles from industrial to rustic.

Industrial – The Tolix style chair works well in a retro setting as well as an industrial one. Contemporary kitchens with industrial theming, such as concrete worktops work well with the fresh metal style of the Tolix. It is the perfect piece of furniture to link classic décor with a modern industrial twist. Get your Tolix Style Chair from Pash Classics.

Symmetrical – A stunning way to style the Tolix chair is to hang some oversized pendant lighting over a table with rows of the chairs. As both are made form metal, the finish bounces off the lights and is balanced perfectly by the cool metal of the chairs.

Add a pop of colour – You don’t have to stick to metal hues as the Tolix chair is available in a wide range of bright, eye-catching colours. A popular look is to combine colourful Tolix chairs with a reclaimed timber dining table, giving a laid-back and relaxed feel to the family dining room.

Mix it up – The Tolix chair is so versatile that it goes perfectly with many different styles. For example, the metal seats look great with chunky wooden benches, contemporary gloss tables, natural elements like bamboo and rattan. They can even be combined with deluxe elements to give an upscale décor with chandeliers and glass features.

Go white – Choosing the chairs all in white gives a really fresh, clean look that can be easily worked into a contemporary country home style. Combine with a wooden top table and white painted legs. White and wood is such a simple yet stunning style for a dining space.

Pretty in pastels – Consider choosing vintage Tolix chairs in a pale blue pastel shade for a softer, more romantic rustic look. These look great in a shabby chic interior, complete with bare brick walls and rustic woven rug, for example.

Designed for living – These chairs were originally intended for the terraces of cafes and seating in public parks, so they are rustproof, easy to carry, stackable and lightweight. They are ideal for gardens and kitchens alike, making summer living much easier as you don’t need two sets of chairs.

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