Seasonal tips for garage door maintenance

It’s easy to overlook garage door maintenance, but a twice-a-year inspection can save you hundreds of pounds in repair bills and keep your garage safe and secure.

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Inspect the hardware

The first step in maintaining your door is a visual inspection. Run the door mechanism and look and listen for any problems, checking that the door mechanism looks symmetrical.

Check the supporting brackets and tighten any bolts if necessary, then inspect the tracks for signs of debris and rust. Clear this away before checking that the tracks are level with a spirit level.

Check moving parts

Rollers need replacing every five to seven years, and this is a relatively straightforward DIY job. Look for worn, chipped or cracked rollers, and check the condition of cables and pulleys. If you detect a problem, you’ll need a professional to do the job. Search “garage door installation Barnet” for your nearest specialist.

Make sure you lubricate all moving parts thoroughly using WD-40 or a three-in-one oil, wiping away excess. If necessary, remove rust with a wire brush and brush oil into hard-to-reach places with an old toothbrush.

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Test your door

Your door should be so perfectly balanced that it can be operated almost at the touch of a fingertip. Test the balance by manually opening the door halfway and checking that it stays open. If not, you may need to contact a specialist for garage door installation Barnet homeowners can depend on.

You should also test the auto reverse feature by testing the photocells that control the door. Place a board in the path of the closing door and check that it changes direction when it makes contact. To test the cells, break the beam with your hand or foot to check that the door reverses direction.

Repair and protect

Finally, you’ll need to make any necessary repairs to the exterior of your doors or get help from experts in garage door installation Barnet. Check the weatherstripping and replace it if necessary. Then, clean down the paintwork in preparation for a new coat of paint.

If your door is metal, sand down any rust spots before sanding the rest of the door using an appropriate primer and finishing with a weatherproof top coat. Repeat this maintenance routine twice a year, and your garage door will continue to work for years to come.

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