Metal to metal adhesives: five great tips

When you don’t have the equipment for soldering metal, the best thing is to use glue. There are some special techniques and clever tips to remember when glueing metals. Whether you are glueing car parts or making jewellery, read on for five great tips for fixing metal to metal using glue.

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Use the correct adhesive

The first thing to do is to make sure you have chosen the right type of glue. The two main types of glue for metals are super glue and two-part epoxy. You might find super glue is better for instant jobs and smaller tasks such as jewellery-making or arts and crafts, while the two-part epoxy process might give a stronger finish for structural jobs, such as fixing a bike or machinery.

Prepare your surface

Before glueing metals together, make sure the parts are clean. This is so that the glue can work properly, as any debris or dirt between the surfaces will mean the bond is weakened. You could try natural cleaning products, such as baking soda, instead of chemicals to ensure a thorough, green clean. Make sure the surfaces are dry before proceeding.

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Create some texture

If the metals are totally smooth, it can be hard for the glue to get a good grip on the surfaces. This is why it is always a good idea to rough up the metal slightly using gritty sandpaper. This helps to create some texture to make a better surface for the glue to grip and bond the metals together.

Read the instructions

It is essential that you always follow the instructions exactly on the packet of glue. Always use the correct amount of glue and read how long the glue takes to set, how to prepare it, and whether you need to mix it with anything else. Whichever metal bonding adhesive you choose from a specialist such as, it can have different instructions to another similar glue. Always double check before and during use.

Apply some pressure

When glueing metals, the surfaces usually need extra help to adhere. You should apply some pressure to the metal parts to make sure they get a good grip and form a strong bond. Try to use a clamp or vice to hold the metals together and give them plenty of time to adhere – ideally a few days.


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