Keep your garage secure this Christmas

As you can imagine, the festive period is unfortunately one of the worst times for burglaries. The lure of brand new goodies waiting to be wrapped is simply too much for the thieves to resist. This is why the festive period should also be a time to consider enhancing home security.While most homeowners think of doors and windows, many overlook their garage as a potential weak link. Here are some tips for keeping your garage more secure:

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Don’t leave the remote in your vehicle – Electronic garage doors are becoming more popular and the temptation is to keep the remote in the car. However, this makes it easier for thieves to access your garage. Try to remember to take the remote into the house with you or at least, store the remote in the glove box if it must be left in the car.

Cover windows – If a garage has windows, consider keeping them covered so potential thieves can’t take a peek at what’s inside.

Keep the door shut – This might seem obvious but it;s surprising how many homeowners keep their garage door partially open when they’re at home. It only takes a matter of seconds for goods to be stolen, even while you’re in the house. Always keep the door shut and locked at all times that you are not in the garage. To improve security, consider new Garage Doors Bristol from Up and Over, suppliers of Garage Doors Bristol

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Entry doors – Security between the garage and house should be considered too and this means locking the door that connects the garage to the interior of the property, if there is one.

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