Creative Office Design Ideas to Consider

We spend more time at work than we do awake at home, so it makes sense that our office space should be comfortable and conducive to concentration. None of that needs to be expensive. Take some time before any redesign to think about what the space actually needs to do for the people that work there, and draw up a plan.

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Let There Be Light

If your budget is tight, one of the easiest ways to make a big difference to the look and feel of the office space is to flood the area with light. Open up the windows, use white and cream on the walls and wood and, if windows are small, bounce light around with mirrors. Add synthetic light if necessary. The most important thing is that the room feels flooded with light.

If you would like to make more of the light, speak to a specialist lighting firm.

Library Style

If your employees do work that needs focus and periods without interruption, take inspiration from your local library and step away from the open-plan set-up. Think about privacy and create nooks with screens and shelving, even white boards on wheels, which will give you more flexibility to tighten spaces or open them up.

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Encourage employees to take the opportunity to focus on a particular task and make space for themselves. Seek advice from shelving experts like, who supply shelving Ireland wide.

The News at 9-5

Another very popular style is the news desk style that enables collaboration between colleagues, especially when there isn’t always time to plan ahead to book meeting rooms. Make clusters of desks or tables, and remove walls and other division to create a big open-plan space. Put break-out spaces in to allow for comfortable seating and more relaxed areas – perhaps even bean bags if it fits with your culture.

You might like to motivate your employees with eye-catching artwork or framed quotations on the wall if it suits your culture. There are lots available that needn’t blow budgets. Alternatively, it might be that a splash of colour in the form of accent walls or accessories can promote a positive mood.

Whatever style you choose, bear in mind your company culture and make sure your design fits that. Otherwise, however stylish it might be, it won’t work for your employees.


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