Can solar plants clean soil?

The power of the sun should not be underestimated. It can provide energy for homes and may even support plants that can clean soil on contaminated land.

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How do solar panels help the environment?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, solar panels play a key role in reducing our use of fossil fuels. Solar panels Worcester and across the country take the energy produced by the sun and convert it into electricity. They can be installed in homes and businesses and will play a significant role in the new ‘green’ economy. By finding out more about GSM solar panels, for example, you can work out how much money they could save you in the long term.

As technology advances, solar panels are becoming increasingly efficient. Every property is unique and has individual potential for power generation. The power of the sun is a resource that we are only just learning how to use effectively. Plants, on the other hand, have been using solar power for millions of years.

Solar-powered environmental decontamination

Contaminated soil and land is a huge problem all over the world. It blights vast areas, making it unsuitable for agriculture, business, recreation, and housing. Clean-up costs are prohibitive, as the process is both complex and time-consuming. It often involves digging up soil, which is a process that can release toxic substances into the environment; however, scientists have discovered that plants – ‘solar-powered vacuum cleaners’ – may be the answer to our contaminated land problems.

Researchers have discovered that some plants can grow in soil that is heavily contaminated with diesel and heavy metals. The approach is called bioremediation. Plants, fungi and bacteria use solar power to grow and take up moisture and nutrients from the soil. As they take up these nutrients, contamination leaves the soil and enters the plant. This may be a slow approach to decontamination, but it is effective.

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Studies have found that levels of lead, copper and arsenic are significantly reduced. This is also a method that is likely to be more acceptable to local communities.

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