How to choose a lawn mower

Cutting the lawn can seem like a chore, but did you know that the right lawn mower could actually make it a pleasurable task?If you’re in the market for a new lawn mower, here are some tips to help you determine which features you need to keep your lawn looking pristine all summer long.

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Choosing between walk-behind or ride-on

There are two main lawn mower types: walk-behind and ride-on. Generally, if you’ve got any more than an acre of grass, a ride-on lawn mower is likely going to be the best option. However, most people find that a walk-behind mower is ideal for the task at hand.

Walk-behind lawn mower drive and functionality

When looking at this type of mower, it is important to evaluate its drive functionality. Models with front-wheel drive provide plenty of movability and are ideal for level terrains that may have some obstacles. However, if you need to do a lot of uphill mowing, a rear-wheel drive model will be best as the front wheels won’t lose traction.

It’s also important to determine what the mower does with the grass clippings. Two-function machines will mulch and bag, which helps to keep lawns healthier by returning the nitrogen-rich clippings back into the ground.

Three-function machines mulch, bag and side discharge, which is best for areas with a lot of tall weeds and grasses. Letting our lawns grow longer can benefit our pollinators and this type of mower will be useful if you are partaking in the no-mow movement.

Consider maintenance and longevity

We recommend choosing a model that can be maintained and repaired to ensure its longevity. Mountfield spares are easily accessible and can be found online at specialist sites such as, where available spare parts are organised by both machine and type.

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Wheel functionality

Lawn mowers with larger rear wheels are better equipped to seamlessly traverse rougher terrain, which can make your job much less taxing. If you’re working with a larger lawn or tricky terrain, you may want to consider ball bearing wheels which are easier to push.

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