Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, a Lifeline for those Struggling with Disabilities

Many adults have the luxury of owning a car, allowing them the freedom to travel wherever they want to go whenever they choose.  For those struggling with any form of disability having the personal use of reliable, modern, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles or WAV Vehicles for short can seem like a Lifeline.  Available to purchase brand-new or previously used, from a well-established, experienced, professional Car dealer such as https://clarkemobility.com, these modern, safe and reliable, specially adapted vehicles come with ramps, hoists and fittings to secure a wheelchair user safely in place.  Being specially adapted to suit any disability they can be self-drive or if necessary, a Carer, friend or relative can drive the vehicle.

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Many of us adults who drive cars, take it for granted that we can just pick up our keys and drive off whenever we choose, going to visit friends or family members, or just popping to the local shop for some essential groceries. Anyone living with a disability often doesn’t have that privilege and may have to rely on specially adapted, expensive taxis or try to use Public Transport.

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These wonderful WAV Vehicles really do offer a Lifeline to any individual living with a Disability, routine Doctors appointments, emergency Hospital Visits, essential, weekly food shopping trips, or just popping out to visit family and friends, having the personal use of a specially adapted vehicle means these basic necessities are much easier to accomplish.

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