How To Reverse A Van Safely: Top Tips

If you are driving a van for the first time, the good news is that it isn’t too different from driving a car. One of the main areas of difference, however, is reversing, and this can be the most risky aspect of driving a van.

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Most drivers, if renting a van, will be able to avoid reversing for the day. But if you are considering van rental Bristol and looking for some tips and tricks to reverse a van safely, read on.

Rent a van with built-in features to help you

Many vans now come with built-in safety features. If you have the opportunity to rent a van with these tools you should consider it as they will make reversing easier.

According to industry commentator WhatVan, providers of rental vehicles are increasingly offering more safety features like assisted parking tools and rear-view cameras to customers. So if you are considering van rental Bristol, you should consider if these would be helpful, especially if you are not a confident driver.

Start slow and familiarise yourself with the vehicle

Vans don’t have rear-view mirrors, so make sure that your side mirrors give you a full view. Before you turn on the engine, take the time to set up your side-view mirrors so that you have a good view of the road behind you and the back of the van.

The seat will be higher than you are used to, but this will also help with visibility. Just like in a car, you must check your blind spots when attempting any manoeuvre, including reversing.

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If the worst happens…

Safely driving a van begins before you even get behind the wheel. Firstly, are you insured?

Lots of van rental companies will include a basic cover in case you get in an accident while driving, but do you understand the extent of the cover? Have you insured your items, whether personal items or the packages you may be delivering? Make sure that you have your licence and paperwork with you.

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