10 places where it should always be autumn

always be autumn

Imagine the Autumn has arrived! The leaves of the trees start to change color, the sunset always comes first and the landscapes change completely to be colored with warmer tones as the temperature goes down. It is a season especially appreciated by those who love photography as some forests are transformed creating magical atmospheres. Actually in some places it should always be autumn … Do you want to find out what they are? Come with us!

1. Central Park, autumn in New York

From the end of October to the beginning of November, Central Park is covered in autumn colors. Its elms, cypresses and beech trees … give the park a touch of green, yellow and red shades. A romantic scenario that will make you feel like Richard Gere and Winona Ryder living a real “Autumn in New York”.

2. El Retiro, an oasis of tranquility in Madrid

The most emblematic park in Madrid, El Retiro, is another key place to enjoy the fall. Its fountains and gardens, together with the central lake and the noble palaces, contribute to recreate a true oasis of tranquility right in the city center.

3. Hyde Park, the splendor of autumn in London

If there is a place in London where to live the splendor of autumn it is Hyde Park. Divided into two parts by the Serpentine lake, this Royal Park invites peace in the center of the chaos of the city.

4. Tuscany, golden vineyards and beech forests in Italy

In autumn the beech and chestnut woods of Tuscany are colored with red and ocher. While the vineyards of cities like Chianti are covered in golden tones.

5. Kyoto, a postcard of Japanese autumn

The gardens and parks of the imperial cities of Japan are especially fascinating at this time of year. One example is the Kinkaku-ji Temple or the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto. Built in 1397 as a villa for the rest of royalty, the temple was surrounded by a Zen garden, fields of flowers and a pond. A beautiful postcard of autumn where the green and red shades of the leaves combine with the intense yellow of the temple’s golden coating.

6. Trentino, a guarantee during the autumn

Natural parks, lakes, cycle paths and festivals where you can taste the typical products of the season. Visiting the Italian region of Trentino Alto Adige during the autumn guarantees an unforgettable holiday in contact with nature. Discover our tips to spend a weekend in Trentino.

7. The woods of Quebec, a journey of colors in Canada

From the end of September it is already possible to admire the explosion of autumn colors and flavors that invade the woods of Quebec, in Canada. We advise you to rent a car and embark on a journey through these spectacular landscapes that are maintained until the end of November.

8. Alsace, autumn vineyards in France

In autumn the French Alsace boasts a very pleasant climate to discover the different shades of green and golden woods and vineyards that abound in this region.

9. Amsterdam, a magical place to experience autumn

Amsterdam, with its canals where the warm colors of autumn are reflected, is a fantastic city to visit in the fall and to ride a bike to feel like a real local.

10. Autumn at the foot of the French Alps

To the south of the Écrins National Park, in the French Alps, is the Serre-Ponçon Lake. In autumn the blue of the lake blends with the shades of the ocher of the leaves, framed by the mountain peaks and the small houses of the picturesque alpine villages.

And you? What destinations would you recommend photographing and visiting in the fall? Write us your suggestions in the comments!

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