What Makes a Good Website?

Having a website is something that is important for a modern day business. Getting a website that is professionally designed by someone like this web design Edinburgh based company https://www.design-hero.com/web-design/local-web-agency/web-design-edinburgh/ is worth its weight in gold. But just what is it that makes a website great? Here are some of the things that will ensure that your website works for you…

A clear message – A website is a form of communication with customers and people who want to find out more about what you offer. Providing a clear message and communicating well is essential for a website to be successful. Before the website is created and designed, this is something that you need to be certain of and you need to know the message that you want to convey to people.

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Ease of Use -A great website is one that people can use easily. Making sure that your site is clear and easy to navigate around is essential, as many people will be put off by a site that is hard to use or doesn’t help them to find what they want.

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SEO – Search engine optimisation is what allows people to find your site when they put something into the search bar of Google. Part of the SEO is done using the website, and this is crucial to the success of the site. After all, you might have a great site, but people need to be able to find it!

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