How to light an apartment

Those living in flats and apartments will appreciate the challenge of choosing lighting that addresses issues such as minimal natural light and a lack of floor space. To change your dingy apartment into a well-lit home, here are some top tips:

  1. Eye-catching ceiling fixtures

Insert a ceiling fixture that will direct attention to the bold and open up your space. A large ceiling fixture can add drama, and also fool the eye into thinking the room is much larger than the actual size. That does not mean you have to forgo other lighting sources, though. Ceiling fixtures normally do not work as standalones if you’re lacking in natural light. Complete the ceiling fixture look with a stunning ceiling rose. Find the latest ceiling rose range here

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  1. Sconces and overhead lighting for small bathrooms

Choosing lighting for a small bathroom can be tricky. One problem with small spaces is lighting around the vanity. When there is only a fraction of available wall space, you might feel stuck with only overhead lighting, which can harsh and make the room feel even smaller. Using wall sconces with overhead lighting, lamps and natural light can bring a balance of space and make it open and inviting.

  1. Select your lampshades carefully

Lampshades, if you use them at all, are not only decorative accents – they really make a big difference in the quality of light you get out of your lights. Therefore, it is important to know what your lighting objectives are when choosing a shade. The lighter the lampshade, the more light it will let in, while dark colours localize light and cause shine above and below the fixture.

  1. Do not forget task lighting

When selecting bulbs, it is essential to think about general brightness, but also those areas of the property that would benefit from task lighting, such as cooking or hairstyling. Task lighting is very useful in the kitchen of the apartment. Under-cabinet lighting will give you all the light you need to look at the tasks at hand on the counter.

  1. Mirror, Mirror on the wall

You already know that the mirror can help make the room seem larger, but it is also suggested that placing a mirror opposite the window will help bounce light around the room and maximize what already exists. This will give the illusion that there are more windows than you really have.

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  1. Go Vertical

When you’re short on floor space, taking advantage of altitude instead. Floor lamps are ideal for apartments because they give a lot of light without taking up much needed floor space.

  1. Use wall space

Another way to work with the lack of floor space is to not use up valuable floor space at all and exploit wall mounted fixtures like a sconce, for example, many of which are as attractive and elegant as any work of art.

  1. Consider form and function

Functionality is the primary goal when choosing apartment lighting, however, how a lamp blends in with the overall aesthetic is equally as important. You can have different finish materials such as metal, glass, wood, or even concrete, for example, when it comes to lighting so shop around and find what suits.

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