How to propose marriage

If love has knocked on your door and you are completely determined to spend the rest of your life with that person, it may be time to make the romantic and long-awaited proposal, but where to start? Calm down,  We offer you some useful advice to take into account so that you know how to propose marriage and make this moment a special memory.

No crazy moves

Getting married is an important decision since it implies a real commitment to a life together with another person, it is not vanity or fashion, so you must be completely sure that this is the desire of both as a couple. Avoid crazy proposals that arise in moments of ecstasy or as a result of conflicts, think about it and accept them calmly and maturely.

The symbol of commitment

Buy a ring, it sounds cliche, but in all honesty, is there anything that is not cliche regarding this topic? This jewel symbolizes commitment, the desire to make a life together, and society takes it as a kind of guarantee, although many propose marriage without it, this may mean that you did not plan this step enough, so take the time to choose the right ring.

Do not kill yourself planning everything

Not always what we plan goes as we wish. The marriage proposal must be based on that person, designed for her, for her tastes, if it is someone romantic, fill it with details, if it is someone who loves nature, take it to a special place outside the city. Do everything on time, but don’t worry about planning each step, because if something doesn’t go as you expect, you’ll get nervous and she might notice, calm down, and have sanity.

The choice of words

It is clear that you must think about what you will say, but it is not about making a planned speech, it is about finding the reason for your choice, what makes you love her, and what makes you want to be by her side every day. If she makes you feel more confident she practices what you want to say to her, but let her know that she is the one without a doubt.

Do not despair in looking for perfection

The perfect place, the perfect moment, the most original way, the most unforgettable episode. The reality is that what she will remember most about that day are your words, not whether you took her to the most expensive restaurant in town or made her climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, as long as you are honest with your feelings and open your heart.

Never ever do this

Forget proposing this way: at someone else’s wedding, it’s another couple’s time, not yours, in the middle of an argument or after a big fight, you seem desperate, in front of family or friends, this should be a private occasion, she doesn’t have to feel any kind of pressure and generally in any kind of public gathering. make it special.

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