Wedding Eco: 8 Tips For Green Wedding

Wedding Eco

All the tips for an eco-chic wedding: Because sustainability is also important on the day of the yes! More than a fashion wedding eco a good practice that is spreading like a fashion trend. It is wedding echo, or weddings designed according to the criteria of environmental sustainability: zero waste, use of zero-kilometer products, reuse and reuse of materials, careful choice of suppliers. In other words, small details that give the yes day an allure chic without exaggeration and waste.

1) Wedding Eco: The Dress

Wedding Eco

Whether it is made of natural fabrics or comes from a company that cares about sustainable practices, the wedding dress must satisfy the desire of every woman to feel unique and beautiful. The options are now many: from vintage clothes available in second-hand stores, to online shopping with lots of 100% recycled packaging, to the dress of the big low-cost chain, which in addition to being environmentally friendly is also economic.

2) Wedding Eco: The Wedding Favors

Wedding Eco

There are now many couples of newlyweds who choose wedding favors. In most cases you pay a fee and arrive home ready to pack: the associations or non-profit organizations that offer this service are now very many, here are some: Airc, WWF, Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, Save the Children, and Emergency.

3) Wedding Eco: The Faiths

Wedding Eco

Even faiths can make the difference. Gold mining has a devastating effect on the eco-system: just think that for the production of a single ring, 20 tons of waste are produced, including cyanide and mercury. While diamonds, among the best sellers for engagement rings, often come from the black market. To avoid mistakes, it is enough to rely on one of the many goldsmiths who are working against the financing of civil wars and environmental disasters through ethical supply chains.

4) Wedding Eco: The Flowers

Wedding Eco

Flowers are a fundamental frame for every wedding. Opt for those in season and zero kilometer, better if purchased from the nearest home florist.

5) Wedding Eco: Pedal!

Wedding Eco

If the distances from the place of the ceremony to that of the reception allow it, the bicycle can be a valid alternative to cars, especially if vintage, which pollute much more. A fun, ecological and economical solution.

6) Wedding Eco: Throwing Petals

Wedding Eco

Even throwing rice can become a virtuous practice and not a waste. Simply replace the rice grains with dried flower petals or confetti created with scraps of paper. The final effect will be much more romantic and less annoying for the couple.

7) Wedding Eco: Honeymoon

Wedding Eco

Maldives, South America, Polynesia, United States: all dream locations and the most popular destinations for honeymooners. The honeymoon is to be organized well in advance, especially if you rely on agencies and tour operators who work in responsible and sustainable tourism.

8) Wedding Eco: Reception

Wedding Eco

The most ecological and chic reception? In a farmhouse or outdoors, in a park equipped for the occasion by a catering service, with seasonal ingredients and zero-kilometer products.

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