What to see in Prague?

see in Prague

Prague is a magical, bewitching and melancholic city and you have lots of places to see in Prague. It is certainly not an exaggeration to say that the capital of the Czech Republic seems to be the location of a romantic fairy tale. It is a city that never tires, has enchanted the whole world with its beauty and its Gothic architecture, with its bridges and its legends.

If you haven’t been there yet, it’s definitely a good idea to make up for it, which is why we made a useful guide to what to see in Prague and its surroundings in a weekend.

Prague is an incredible city, from another century, from another world. I’ve never seen anything more fantastic.

What to see in Prague?

see in Prague

Prague Castle

The visit to Prague can only start from Prague Castle, the immense fortress that dominates the city and that houses the Cathedral of San Vito, the beautiful Gothic church dating back more than a millennium and which houses or the head of St. Luke. Inside the church you can see the beautiful window in art nouveau style created by Mucha. Visit the Lobkowicz Palace, which houses Canaletto’s masterpieces and Mozart and Beethoven manuscripts. Don’t miss a visit to the Pinacoteca Del Castello as well as the fortifications and gardens: the view from here over the city is spectacular.

In the Prague Castle complex, don’t miss a visit to the golden alley, the ancient street inhabited by the servants of the castle and by goldsmiths, it really seems to have come out of an old story. Once Kafka also lived in one of the colorful houses of the area.

Carlo Bridge

Ponte Carlo is the bridge that we would all like to cross at least once in a lifetime and is one of the absolutely must-do experiences in the city. Old Town Link (Staré Město) in Malá Strana and was commissioned in 1357 by Charles IV and is surrounded by 30 baroque statues. The best time to visit it is at sunset, when the light reflected in the waters of the Vltava river will leave you breathless.

Malá Strana

Literally it means small neighborhood, as opposed to the large and new district of Nove Mesto. The historic district, destroyed by a major fire, was rebuilt in Renaissance style by Italian artists. Over the centuries, many people have passed through here, which is why it is one of the most multicultural neighborhoods in the city. The Church of San Nicola is worth a visit as you will find an old organ played by Mozart.

Old City

Lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets of the oldest district of the city that, over the centuries, has welcomed artists, poets and sailors from all over the world. Stop in Piazza Vecchia, the nerve center of the old part of Prague, overlooked by the Astronomical Clock of the town hall, the Old New Synagogue and the Rococo Palace of Kinský and many other impressive buildings. Prague’s biggest Christmas market is held here every December.

Church of St. Mary of Tyn

Do not miss a visit to the imposing Gothic cathedral which is located on the Old Town square and is characterized by two towers on the façade surmounted by Gothic style spiers. After the church of San Vito, it is the most important place of worship in the city.

see in Prague

Dancing House

Don’t miss a visit to the Dancing House of Prague which is located on the banks of the river. It was built during the 1990s by two architects Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry and is dedicated to the famous dance couple, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. The structure is in fact formed by two buildings that seem to dance.

Prague cemeteries

Don’t miss a visit to the beautiful cemeteries of the city: that of Olšany is rich in sculptures and art nouveau statues while the cemetery of Vyšehrad houses the tombs of many famous people.

Museum of Contemporary Art

If you have time, do not miss a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art in the city which houses numerous works by Czech artists. It is located on the island of Kampa.

National Museum

The largest museum in the Czech Republic houses important collections of minerals, zoological specimens, historical objects related to the history of Czechoslovakia, as well as an impressive number of ethnographic objects. The main building of the museum is located at the top of Wenceslas Square.

Jewish quarter

Don’t miss a visit to one of the oldest in the city and reach the old Jewish cemetery, an expanse of tombstones dating back to the first half of the fifteenth century and one of the most beautiful monuments in the city.

Klementinum Library

Often referred to as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, this Baroque library dates back to the 18th century and houses over 20,000 books. Famous as the books are the beautiful original frescoes that adorn the walls and the ancient astronomical clocks.

10 Things To See In Prague

  • Cesky Krumlov
  • Karlštej Castle
  • Konopiště Castle
  • Krivoklat Castle
  • Karlovy Vary
  • Terezin
  • Kutna Hora
  • České Budějovice
  • Melnik
  • Plzeň

What to eat in Prague?

Prague cuisine is very good and cheap. Get ready to eat large amounts of food and drink rivers of beer. Among the things you should definitely try there is the goulash, a dish of beef and stewed vegetables usually served with canederli. Try the Svickova, Prague ham and soups that are served to start a meal in Prague. Onion soups and sauerkraut soups are just two alternatives, there are sour cream, potatoes, mushrooms and goulash.

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