Sydney itinerary: what to do in Sydney for7 days

what to do in Sydney

Whatever your point of origin, Sydney is most likely your first stop in Australia. And a little stop! We arrived after two months in New Zealand, a country with few people, a lot of nature and almost no skyscrapers. Maybe that’s why he surprised us so much. Sydney is a cosmopolitan city, with lots of activity and a financial center that is characterized by its high and modern buildings.

This city offers restaurants with cuisine from almost anywhere in the world and beaches with crystal clear water within a stone’s throw. And, although you are clear that your first visit will be to the famous Opera House, it is important to go with an idea of ​​the many other things that must be seen in this city. That’s why we leave you this Sydney itinerary for them who are looking for what to do in Sydney for 7 days.

What to do in Sydney for 7 days

Day 1 – Walk from Darling Harbor to Opera House

In our opinion, the best way to get to know a city is by going on foot. Start your walk in the direction of Darling Harbor to enjoy magnificent views of the harbor. From there, continue along the coast until you reach the Sydney Observatory, where you will be delighted with unique views of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

After the relevant photos and the relaxing stop to enjoy the views, head towards the Barangaroo Reserve. This part of the port is relatively new and offers routes for both cyclists and pedestrians in which you are surrounded by more than 75,000 species of native trees and shrubs. Tours are offered with expert biologists for the most interested. Bordering the coast and always with the Sydney bridge on your right, continue your walk until you reach the district of The Rocks, where you will find the longed-for Opera House in front.

Day 2 – Enter the Opera House and enjoy the Botanical Gardens

Go directly to The Rocks and enjoy the street musicians who usually put them out there. It borders the port until you reach the Opera House and, of course, enter! Tours are offered every day in several languages ​​for a reasonable price. To be honest, this tour did not excite us too much since the Opera House in Sydney is much more amazing on the outside than on the inside. But, as there is no harm that does not come well, for having paid the entrance of the tour, they offer discounts on the operas and plays of the moment. Thanks to this discount we were able to see a very unconventional and hilarious play called Miss Behave. Just tell you that there was even a bit of nudism … In the very Sydney Opera House! … Who would have said it!

We recommend taking time around the Opera House if you don’t know what to do in Sydney. The Sydney Harbor Bridge looks impressive from there and you’ll have the stamp that comes out every year on the news announcing the New Year, but without fireworks! If you fancy a snack or even eat, go to the Portside Sydney Opera House, the price is not excessive and you have the best views.

In the afternoon, tour the Royal Botanic Gardens located at the foot of the Opera House. After the bustle of tourists around the harbor, you will appreciate being able to enjoy the views with which you always imagined Australia surrounded by peace and tranquility. To add value to this experience we recommend going at sunset, the sunset behind the Opera House is unique.

Day 3 – Free tour through the center and views from the Harbor Bridge

Head to Hyde Park and take a walk to St Mary’s Cathedral, the most impressive cathedral we have seen in Australia. Near there they leave, in two different hours a day, free walking tours of the city. For those of you who have traveled in Europe, you will already know what free tours are. But for those who do not know what to do in Sydney, here is a brief summary of how it works in Australia. I’m free toursis a company that is dedicated to making tours walking both from Sydney and Melbourne explaining history and anecdotes at each stop. In the end, you pay what you think the tour has been worth. We like to do one of these tours in each city we visit as it gives you a deeper view of where you are and recommendations that you would not otherwise get.

To end this day with a great view from above, get on the Sydney Harbor Bridge and you will see on your right the harbor and the Opera House, and on your left cut by the sea, the north of Sydney, spectacular!

what to do in Sydney

Day 4 – Take the ferry to Manly and enjoy the beach

After so many cities you want a little beach. To use public transport in Sydney you will have to buy a card called OPAL and it is valid for metro, bus, trains and ferries. You can buy them at any kiosk and they are free. The best thing about this system is that on Sundays, wherever you go, it will not cost you more than $ 2.60. We take advantage of this offer to take a ferry to Manly. Disadvantages, which is a very popular decision. Manly is a district located north of Sydney and is famous for its beautiful beaches. It is an area with a very good atmosphere, many shops and surfer atmosphere. We recommend them who are not sure what to do in Sydney, you can do the walk to Shelly Beach and dive near the rocks; you will be surprised at the variety of fish you will find.

Day 5 – Exit on the outskirts of Sydney to see the Blue Mountains

Another option to do on Sundays in a cheap way is to go to the Blue Mountains. They are two hours by train from the center of Sydney and is the best attraction for nature lovers. Once there you will have to move by bus to get to the different points, but do not worry because the Opal is also valid there. If as you decided to use the discount on Sundays in another destination, do not worry, this trip will not be as expensive as it seems. The Opal card has a limit of 15 dollars, when you spend more than that amount in one day, the rest will be free.

An alternative to public transport is to go with an organized tour. Needless to say, it is quite expensive, but you go with people who know the area so you save time. We developed quite well on our own although we did not have much luck with time. Although in Sydney we woke up with a sunny day, look what we found there.

In the fog, you should see the Three Sisters, the main attraction of the Blue Mountains. A pity the truth, but we take it with humor. Before returning to the center, do not forget to visit the Waradah Aboriginal Center. We do not enter any show, but it is worthwhile to stay indoors and read the information panels and photographs of the history and current affairs of the Australian Aboriginal culture. Nice way to spend your day 6 when you don’t know what to do in Sydney at this point.

Day 6 – Sunbathing in Bondi

If you are luckier than us, you will need a little rest after the excursion to the Blue Mountains. For this, we recommend going to Bondi beach, perhaps the most iconic beach in Sydney and our favorite. It is approximately 7km from the city center and can be reached by bus easily. Fine white sand, surfers catching waves at any time of day and volleyball is what awaits you. But perhaps the best thing about this area is the promenade in the direction of Coogi Beach. One of the routes most visited by both locals and tourists for its beauty has no waste.

Day 7 – A special Breky to sweeten goodbye

Last day in the big city! And as a farewell it is important to do the most typical of Australia, have a good brekky or brunch. Our favorite place for this is called “Grounds of Alexandria”, it is a bit far from the center, but it’s worth it. It consists of a complex of restaurants and gardens that even have their own farm. Upon entering, you walk through a corridor full of sunflowers to find immediately on your right a mini-farm with pigs, goats and roosters. It is very spacious and is very well decorated, without a doubt it makes you forget that you are in the urban center in barely half an hour.

As a last activity, we recommend something cultural, like going to the Australian Museum. This is the oldest museum in Australia and explains in a very interactive way the history of this country. You can see stories and photographs of the “Stolen Generation” and everything related to Aboriginal culture. We found it very interesting and recommendable. The rooms on the upper floors are dedicated to the animal world, and you will learn everything you want about the Australian flora and fauna.

To finish, we will say goodbye with another great sight for them who still searching what to do in Sydney. In the upper part of the museum, there is a terrace with a restaurant. From there you can see the park, the cathedral and the harbor. Without a doubt a nice way to say goodbye to this great city.

And up to here our Sydney itinerary

We hope you liked this itinerary and for those of you who come to Sydney, that it has helped you to discover this city better. If you have any questions or want any additional recommendation do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

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