Unique museums of Europe to meet in 2019

unique museums

Visiting museums is one of the best activities we can do in our urban trips. In Europe we have countless unique museums in the most important cities. Today we want to invite you to know some of them. To spend time traveling and, above all, to enjoy them in this 2019 that we have just started.

Five unique museums in Europe for 2019

National Tile Museum in Lisbon

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It’s always nice to go to Lisbon . The capital of Portugal is prettier than ever.  New hotels are opening up to welcome the many visitors who come to it. For that reason, it is great to escape from the most tourist center and that is what this wonderful museum offers us.

It is a few minutes by bus from the Plaza del Comercio, in an old and magnificent monastery founded at the beginning of the 16th century. There in different plants that surround the cloister you can know the history of that Portuguese element that is the tile.

Especially recommended is the space dedicated to the view, in tile, of the Lisbon before the earthquake. A unique urban view made in blues and whites. If you get there, you will have to look at the convent. Sumptuous and baroque church that would deserve a visit by itself. Undoubtedly, these are the unique museums that we like to discover on our trips.

CaRezzonico in Venice

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Venice is so full of artistic treasures that it can overwhelm the traveler. Its streets are already a museum in themselves, and what to say about their churches and palaces. As everywhere. There are visits that we can not miss and others that are more dispensable or, directly, less known.

This is the case of Ca ‘Rezzonico, a palace on the Grand Canal that allows visitors to discover the unique way of life of the Venetian 18th century. Just as the Serenissima began its decline, an infinity of sumptuous buildings were built. Some, as in this case, were half finished due to lack of funds. In spite of this, today, in the 21st century. We can enjoy an opulent mansion full of treasures and glimpse for a while those windows that overlook the most beautiful street in the world.

Rubens House Museum in Antwerp

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Enter this unique museum is to enter the workshop of one of the greatest painters: Rubens. This superb house-workshop, located in the center of the city of Antwerp, is for its content, but also for its continent, a unique place.

So, here we can admire works of the master and his workshop, but also know how a painter lived who had great success in life.  Who was diplomatic, multilingual and traveler. All a character that today we can know more and better in this unique museum.

National Museum of Cinema in Turin

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The famous Mole Antonelliana, symbol of the city of Turin, houses the National Museum of Cinema. This is a doubly interesting visit and not only for being able to see from within an inordinate place with views of heart attack. But also for the special nature of the museum that houses. The collection dedicated to the beginnings of cinema and the instruments used is complete and didactic. In addition, in the great atrium the cinematographic genres are distributed through objects used in film classics.

In the elegant city, this place is a mandatory stop for every self-respecting seventh-art lover.

Mucha Museum in Prague

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In Prague there are so many corners that it is easy to skip this place on a street near Wenceslas Square. Prague is medieval and it is rebirth.  But it is also Art Nouveau, that trend of the early twentieth century that is so decorative and admiring of nature.

Alfons Mucha, the great poster designer of the modernist era, has here the only museum in the world dedicated to his work. We can admire the delicacy of his compositions. Recall the Belle-Époque in a very special way.

We hope that these suggestions from unique museums in Europe enrich your next trips that I hope will be many in this year that we premiered.

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