How to travel comfortably

The journey is the only thing we would like to eliminate when we think about organizing a trip: long hours of driving, endless queues, fatigue, dizziness, turbulence, and jet lag … are just some of the factors that can make us start our holidays on the wrong foot. so longed for From we want to help you with this article on how to travel comfortably and make your excursions become beautiful experiences that you can enjoy with maximum comfort.

Travel by airplane

Whether it is a long or short flight that you are going to take to reach your destination, you will surely want to spend the hours in the most pleasant way possible, and avoiding the trip becomes an endless ordeal. Follow our tips to be comfortable on the plane and have a relaxed and comfortable flight :

  • It is advisable not to eat or drink too much on the plane to prevent digestive problems. Specialists say that eating and drinking in excess during the flight prolongs jet lag.
  • Drinking water every hour is good to reduce stress and the sensation of adrenaline in our bodies.
  • Before boarding the plane try to go to the bathroom since once in the cabin you can spend more than 30 minutes with your seat belt fastened for safety reasons.
  • Carry little hand luggage so you don’t have to carry too much weight when you have to put the suitcase on the plane.
  • If you are one of those people who find it difficult to sleep in mid-flight, grab some accessories to help you fall asleep such as eye protectors, ear plugs, and a neck pillow to avoid bad postures.
  • Forget tight clothes and heels to go on a plane, it is best to wear comfortable shoes and wide clothes that allow you to move easily. Keep a jacket handy to protect you from the chill of the air conditioning. Discover in more detail how to dress to go on a plane.
  • Move often, and stretch your arms and legs so they don’t fall asleep. On long trips, it is advisable to walk every hour and a half from end to end of the plane to promote circulation.
  • leisure. What would a trip be without a book, a magazine, or good music? Take any hobbies with you to stay entertained and do different things throughout the flight.
  • Prepare a small travel bag with basic toiletries such as a brush and toothpaste, especially on flights where you are going to eat on several occasions.

Travel by car

If you have planned a vacation or a getaway and you are going to travel by road, on many occasions the journeys by car can be too long and heavy. Pay attention to these recommendations to have a comfortable and pleasant trip in your vehicle:

  • Before the trip, find out about the state of traffic and avoid the hours of massive vehicle departures so as not to make the journey even longer.
  • The most important thing is to have your car checked a few days before to travel more safely and, above all, to drive safely and efficiently at all times.
  • During the trip try not to drive for many hours at a time as this increases the feeling of tiredness. The idea is to make stops every two hours to stretch your legs, eat or drink something.
  • Wear comfortable and light clothing, you will appreciate it if you are going to drive for many hours, as well as flat shoes that hold the foot well. You can take spare shoes and change when you have reached your destination.
  • Don’t forget sunglasses to protect your eyes from glare on sunny days.
  • Place all your luggage in the trunk and avoid carrying travel bags on the seats or inside the vehicle, this way you will have all the space and you will be more comfortable.
  • Take blankets and pillows for each of the passengers in case you have to sleep in the car and a parasol to protect you from the morning sunlight.
  • Prepare a bag with some snacks, fruit, or light food to satisfy your hunger, as well as a bottle or two of water.

Travel by train

Traveling by train has become a very attractive option today to make routes and visit different places. If you have also opted for it, take a look at these tips to travel with greater convenience and comfort.

  • The trains have plenty of space and in some, you can even walk to stretch and eat something in their restaurant or cafeteria.
  • Many long-distance trains have dining cars that offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner service, but you can also bring your own food or drinks without any problem.
  • If you are going to travel at night, we recommend investing in a bunk or a compartment with a bed, it is the best way to arrive fully rested at your destination.
  • In case of traveling in reclining seats, take a soft pillow and a small blanket to cover you at night.
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes are essential for any type of trip, take a sweater from your closet in case you get cold.
  • Do not take too much luggage as the suitcases must be adapted to the space provided by the trains and avoid hindering the passage or seats of other passengers.
  • Some trains offer entertainment systems but it is best that you bring what you like, a book, magazine, music player, etc. Train trips are ideal for admiring the scenery and meeting new people, try to chat with passengers around you.

Travel by motorcycle

Those who venture on a motorcycle trip should take into account that this requires more thorough preparation than traveling by other means of transport. Everything has to be perfectly organized to enjoy the journey and be comfortable.

  • The first thing you should do is check the motorcycle, check that it is in perfect condition to face a trip, and make the changes you need.
  • It is important to be able to carry everything you need without losing comfort and convenience, try to control the weight, and not unbalance the motorcycle in any case.
  • To save space, you can fold your clothes in rolls and pack your luggage in waterproof bags on rainy days.
  • Place basic necessities such as documentation, wallet, cell phone, and money in an easily accessible pocket that is well protected.
  • When making a trip, wear a full-face helmet, it is much safer and quieter. Also, take some earplugs, they will come in handy and the trip will be more pleasant.
  • Appropriate clothing: comfortable jacket and pants that protect you from the sun, wind, and possible falls, breathable underwear, kidney belt, gloves, and sunglasses. Don’t forget to bring waterproof clothing such as overalls and a two-piece suit for shorter journeys.
  • Make frequent stops to rest and take advantage of the time to eat and drink something in a service area or restaurant. Also, always carry a bottle of water to stay well hydrated.

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