The most popular games for mobile

popular games for mobile

Many videogame developers have opted for mobile platforms due to the demand for popular games for mobile that smartphones generate in society.

The world of mobile games means that the technology industry invests many efforts and time to improve the quality of games and meet the expectations of its audience. There are fantastic free and paid games for mobile, available in both operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Look back and update or download the most popular games for  mobile

For those who are looking for an entertaining game with which to spend time and be distracted, then I will talk about the four most popular games among fans of mobile games that cannot miss on your Smartphone.

 popular games for mobile

Candy Crush Saga

We will start with the famous Candy Crush Saga that many of you will already know, but for those who do not know it, it is one of the best mobile games best rated among users. This type of game hooked up with the company 5 years ago and is still present in their mobiles. The game is similar to the classic puzzle, in which we must join candies with each other forming the combinations that the game marks, exchanging and matching the candies until reaching the maximum of a total of more than 400 levels.

This game of candy is suitable for all ages and has now become one of the largest organizations with more income in the world of mobile games.

 popular games for mobile

Subway Surfers

The next game I want to talk about is the Subway Surfers. This mobile game is another mythical game among users. Subway Surfers is about a young man who has been caught doing graffiti, so he has to flee through the train tracks while being chased by an inspector and his dog. The game tries to help the young person not to crash into objects and avoid collisions with trains, being able to get power-ups like jumping shoes and coin magnets.

This game works in both iOS and Android. It has been active for 8 years and is still available for download.

 popular games for mobile

Clash Royale

We cannot leave aside one of the most acclaimed games by users, the famous Clash Royale. It is a highly addictive game that catches whoever tries it. This game is based on the universe of Clash of Clans, another free application that caused a real furore. Clash Royale is a card game featuring troops, spells, defenses and characters from the Clash of Clans game. With them, you have to destroy the enemy’s towers and win trophies, crowns and glory in each of the 10 arenas of the game. In addition, you can form a clan to share cards and have your own battle community.

Clash Royale is available on both Android and iOS, you cannot miss this game inspired by the aesthetics of cartoon medieval court.

 popular games for mobile

Pokémon Go

And finally, I will talk about the game Pokémon Go, one of the few mobile games with augmented reality and the only one that makes use of geo-location. In Pokémon Go, the GPS and the Data of Google Maps are used to look for Pokémon’s while you walk by the real world. These cartoons usually appear near the location of your phone, once the Pokémon is close enough, you have to capture it using the touch screen of your mobile. Once you catch them, you must entertain them to fight each other.

The game phenomenon Pokémon Go has conquered both the teenagers who are discovering the Pokémon’s for the first time, as well as the adults who remember and enjoy the nostalgia of their childhood.

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