13 tips for playing football

playing football

Knowing techniques for playing football Knowing how to play football is not only knowing how to kick the soccer ball, which is basic, but knowing how to play football, is knowing techniques that will make it easier to kick the soccer ball with force, or pass to the football player of the opposing team.

1) Always keep in mind that football is a team sport. When you playing football you work together, always looking for the benefit of the group over the individualizes.

2) To save your energy during a game try to move the ball more than your body. Remember the phrase that says “the ball never tires”. Do not run crazy, meaningless and without dosing your energy. Otherwise you will end up exhausted in a few minutes and you will not be able to stand the full time a match lasts.

3) Press the opponent and do not let him get the ball easily. If you are on top of him, he will be more likely to make a mistake when receiving the ball. Do not stay away from the opposite or allow yourself to receive it.

4) Always get ahead of the opponent’s movements. Do this early and quickly when you see that the ball is coming towards where the most immediate opponent is.

playing football

5) Surprising to the contrary: that your movements do not let the opponent know what you are going to do. For example, move quickly and suddenly stop when your rival gets closer and, when you least expect it, move quickly again.

6) If you have the ball in your possession and you are playing in the center of the field where many players (teammates or opponents) accumulate, send the ball to the bands, to your teammates who are in that space so that they can center from there on the opposite area so that the strikers of your own team try the shot on the opposite goal. Keep reading What professional footballers eat

7) As you can see, playing football is a collective sport. Whenever possible you have to rely on your colleagues, use the pass, look for walls, and make triangulation. Remember that there is a very clear rule in football: “Dribbling is useless when the pass is possible”.

8) The above does not mean that plays are never made individually. These should be done with confidence and with safety, above all, by the soccer player who has the technical conditions that allow it and who always seeks the benefit of the team and not personal brilliance.

To make individual plays it is necessary to know in which situations it is convenient to do them.

playing football

9) Always try to get oriented on the field during matches. What position do you occupy and what your colleagues and opposites. Keep a correct view of the playing football field.

And remember that you not only participate in the game when you have the ball. You are also playing when you do not have it, which is the most difficult thing.

10) Matches last until the referee calls the end. So, you must remain attentive at all times, not relax or be overconfident when your team is winning, especially if it is for a short advantage since at any time the opponent can score a goal.

11) Always try to employ yourself thoroughly in the matches. Never give up or be demoralized if something goes wrong. Always show yourself combative, encouraging and helping your teammates and never quarrel with them.

12) It is advisable to know how to attack and defend according to the game, and always maintain a positive mentality during the game. The coaches will always greatly appreciate these attitudes.

13) Try at all times to play “clean” taking care of those opponents who do not do so to avoid injuries. Avoid falling into the trap of entering the game “dirty” that puts you a rival.

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