Uses for your leftover flooring

Once you’ve ripped up and replaced your old flooring, you’ll likely be left with a surplus of excess wood. It seems a shame to throw this away, particularly when there are so many quirky and creative uses for it!

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1l Coasters

There’s nothing worse than the dreaded ‘tea or coffee ring’ on your favourite table or tablecloth. To avoid this rollercoaster of emotions, why not create a handmade set of coasters for guests to set their mugs down on?

If you are looking to replace your floor but worry about the costs, cheap laminate flooring is available, so you’ll have no qualms about upcycling your old floor.

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2. Bird Box

If you love the sound of birdsong, you’ll love this idea for your old flooring. You’ll need some nails for this one, but if you have a small amount of flooring left over, this is a great use for it – particularly in summer. And you’ll be helping stem the decline of natural nesting sites for birds, so doing your bit for the environment too.

  1. Garage flooring

If you have a large off cut of flooring you might want to consider placing this in your garage or using it to line the Garage Shelving that you use to store items safely. You can find some great shelving options at companies such as

4. Decorate Pieces

You’ll need more of an eye for design for this one, but there are plenty of ideas on Pinterest and other sites on how you can make wall mounts, flower pots, shelves, and more from your old flooring. You can guarantee it will be unique and nobody else will have it.


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