Multiple Grammy Winner Alejandro Sanz Net Worth and Lifestyle

alejandro sanz net worth

Alejandro Sanz is one of the most recognized singers today. His songs are no longer only heard in Spain, but all over the world. Proof of this is that it is one of the 100 people with the most followers on the social network Twitter. Read on to see Alejandro Sanz net worth and biography.

Alejandro Sanz net worth and biography

Alejandro Sánchez Pizarro was born in Madrid on December 18, 1968. Son of Jesús Sánchez Madero (a member of the group “The trio Youth”) and María Pizarro, has an older brother, also called Jesus. We estimate the Alejandro Sanz net worth about 12 million dollars.

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From a very young age, he already played the guitar and loved to compose his songs. His family moved to the Moratalaz neighborhood and Alejandro changed schools. That was when his problems began at school: he was so rebellious that the principal decided to expel him.

alejandro sanz net worth

Start music

He began to take music more seriously. He hired a tutor and at 16. Then, he was encouraged to do his first job in a recording studio. The first salary he charged for his songs (5,000 pesetas) was not a large amount, but he encouraged him to continue working on it.

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Later he would release his first album, “the pimps are to take care of them,” with the artistic name of Alexander the Great. Then he presented some songs at a Spanish record company, but they were rejected. Later these songs would have great success in his album “Living fast.”

In 1991 he gave his first concert and had great success since he managed to fill the Sports Pavilion of Real Madrid. The following years, his fame continued to increase thanks in part to his albums “If you look at me,” “More,” and “The soul in the air.”

In 1998 he married the Mexican-born model Jaydy Michel, at a ceremony held on the island of Bali. The Spanish pink press said Alejandro Sanz had organized this wedding to silence some rumors that he was homosexual. With Jaydy he would have his first daughter named Manuela.

In September of 2003, he obtained a great success with his single “It’s not the same,” one of his most recognized songs. He continued collaborating with world-class artists such as Shakira, Juanes, Carlos Baute, or Joaquín Sabina.

But the duo that gave the most talk was the one that brought him together to one of the best American voices of that time: Alicia Keys. Together they sang the song Looking for Paradise, belonging to their album “Paradise Express “. This album allowed him to win a Grammy award.

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Become famous

In May 2015, Alejandro Sanz released his eleventh album “Sirope,” which included the single Un zombie outdoors, which was number 1 in various countries. In 2012 he remarried, this time in Madrid’s Raquel Perera, with whom he had previously had a son named Dylan. Two years later, they brought their second daughter named Alma into the world.

From his personal life, it should be noted that he is passionate about reading and have good communication skill. You cannot go to sleep without reading a little, preferably poetry. His favorite authors are Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Rosalía de Castro, Gabriel García Márquez and Pablo Neruda.

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