5 ways to impress customers on your business property

You will want clients and visitors to appreciate the surroundings in your office. However, outdated common areas, lumpy couch cushions and peeling paint can let the side down.

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Fortunately, you can make sure that your property is welcoming and comfortable with a modern, fresh look without spending a lot of money. Here are five tips on how to wow your visitors the minute they walk in.

1 Brighten up your surroundings

New flooring and a fresh coat of paint can make a massive impact – pick paint colours that reflect your brand image. Whilst white walls will brighten up the environment, bear in mind that pale colours require a lot of maintenance.

Should you be unable to afford to replace all of the carpets with hardwood floors, focus on areas that potential customers visit such as common hallways, reception areas and foyers.

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2 Win over potential customers

Making a statement can be as simple as choosing colourful uniforms for employees. Or maybe some accent pieces in reception can convey visual interest. Alternatively, bring the property-wide Wi-Fi to customers’ attention. Showcasing modern technology can make a potential customer’s stay memorable.

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3 Utilise modern lighting

Invest in updating your lighting system, bulbs and fixtures. Think about installing up-to-date LED strips, under-counter lighting, solar lights on pathways, and recessed fixtures in shadowy areas. Where possible use mirrors to reflect natural light throughout the room, creating a brighter environment.

4 Guarantee comfort

A welcoming atmosphere begins with the first handshake and extends throughout the tour of your property. Seating areas need to be furnished comfortably with chairs that can be lounged in, making for successful business discussions. Fabrics should be low-maintenance, easy-care options, and you need to consider your demographic. For example, older clients may favour styles that are higher off the ground so getting up is easier.

5 Give something away

Put in place a welcome bar which has a self-service coffee machine; add lemonade in summer and hot chocolate in winter. You could also serve biscuits or energy bars in the afternoon. In all your actions, make it clear to potential customers that you appreciate them. The human element is what makes a great first impression.

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