How to Raise Prices and Not Lose Customers

how to raise prices and not lose customers

If there is something that everyone knows, it is that customers always seek value for money, but how to raise prices and not lose customers? What strategies can you use to keep your buyers faithful to your company?

There are various strategies that are used daily by large companies to increase their prices, you may be wondering how is this possible? If there are so many discounts, so many offers and so many promotions in the world, and indeed, there are endless products at a lower cost.

How to raise prices and not lose customers?

The first thing that you should take into account is the product that you offer if it is good and of quality, that your customers are willing to continue buying even when you increased its price, you should also compare your product a bit with a competing company in terms of price and quality.

how to raise prices and not lose customers

Many companies for fear of losing customers limit themselves to increase their prices, creating new products and totally different from those previously offered and an extensive list of things, but, if you are really good at what you do and produce, fear not. and read this information below:

Today, you will discover some strategies that may work for you:

  • Launch your product again, as a different, innovative one, promote it as something you have never launched or better than previous versions.
  • Briefly explain to your customers through any statement, the increase in prices; It may have been due to an increase in raw materials, transportation, or because you have changed manufacturers; they will surely understand.
  • The customer always comes first. Express in any way that in your company’s plans you are continuing to please the customer and always offer the best and quality at the best price.
  • Remind the customer of what they get. Discuss everything about your product, from the quality and time you have pleasing all your customers, let them know that even with so many products similar to yours in the world, yours is still exclusive, unique, and unmatched.
  • Offer cheaper options. If the customer does not agree with the price increase or maybe the money is not enough, you could offer a cheaper version of your product or a smaller quantity, but with the same quality.
  • For example, if you previously sold a package of 10 cookies for $ 2, you could offer a new minimalist version of 5 delicious cookies for just $ 1.

Secret tips

The secret is to maintain a good relationship with the client, with that fixed buyer, since the growth and evolution of your micro, medium or macro company depend on it. Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges, don’t be afraid of changes.

The customer likes to have things involved, such as promotions, offers, the opening of new branches; the integration of new products to the market and even the price increase of your favorite products.

Something important to understand, in this world you cannot please everyone, some will probably not agree with your price increase; But, there you will observe the loyalty and loyalty of your oldest buyers and you will see how new buyers will come to your business.

If you want to grow as a company, sometimes it is necessary to make decisions that will positively or negatively affect its economy. Depending on the impact they have on society, just use some of the strategies mentioned above and always think positive. You can achieve it!

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