The girl’s coat that will be worn this winter

girl's coats

The girl’s coat, vest or coat with teddy effect is some of the surprises that we have found among the outerwear for girl of winter.

Invest in a durable girl’s coat, how and that be beautiful. Something that not only affects moms and seniors: girls also have a place to choose this winter thanks to the number of options in outerwear that . We have found giving us a tour of the main children’s collections, which have already advanced the coldest months to their windows, shelves or look books. Super warm clothing and especially very stylish, this fall-winter are marked by five key trends. This is how the mini princess of the house will wrap up in the coming months.



The fur coat of hair, the cloth coat and the vest, in this case with hood and trim on the outside, in addition to buttons type trench. They belong to the 2018-2019 fall-winter collections of Barcarole, Villainous + Nieves Alvarez and Mi piquant Lucas. Top – stitch parka and top stitching is from Loan.


the girl's coats

A classic that we put into the category of tendency to have found in virtually all the infants collections for girls who have marched this season. The cloth coats, which in reality are usually a mixture of wool. And acrylic are somewhat more classic than the parkas and vests that we will see later. So in its mini version we find them in colors ranging from the classic marine with buttons thick. Or the color camel to the girls coats in red carmine.

Neutral colors

For example, in beige, like the trench of MANGO , classic cut with shoulder epaulets. And also can be found in pink suit (29,99 $). The wool parka with hood trimmed in synthetic leather is from Zara’s children’s line ($ 49.95). The hood of the parka in light pink, of H & M, also takes synthetic hair. And white stuffed lining. It is available in two other colors, green khaki and blue ($ 34.99). The hair vest is one of the surprise trends of this year: Little ears incorporated into the hood ($ 29.99).


Top girl's coats

A surprise trend that appears in a good number of collections is that of vests and short jackets in acrylic hair, imitating stuffed animals and almost always in white. The neutrals usually go hand in hand with this type of fabrics. Although we have also found some very cool models , especially the gray gradient vest from Zara kids, for girls from 4 to 14 years old. The definitive ‘plush’ vest: the one in a light beige color, that incorporates two little ears on the top of the hood.


Girls coat with hood, polyester, acrylic and wool blend, and navy blue color, by Zara. Available in ages from 4 to 12 years old ($ 42.95). The cosmic anorak in blue with star pattern is padded and has waterproof fabric on the outside. It is made of MANGO and is also available in black, plum and gray ($ 19.99). The last feathers is reversible. So it has flowers on one side and is smooth on the other. The hood does not dismantle. It’s from Benetton ($ 39.95).


Another classic less than half-season and more oriented to the months of December and January is the parka or the feathers with removable hood. Which can be disassembled by zip or buttons, and which are lightly padded to protect the ‘little ones’ of the cold. The hair fur edging is synthetic – no real skin – in all low-cost collections, including Zara  in addition to the MANGO children’s line. We have found parkas in super serious colors like black or olive green. But also in pastel pink or blue. The most beautiful feathers: those with flower prints, animals-a version of the ‘animal print’ adapted to children-, or hearts.

For the more adventurous there is the option of combining a shaft shell outer jacket with an inner lining, with fleece, to adapt the garment to different types of weather, in addition to elastic cuffs that adjust to the hand so that the cold does not enter. This type of fabrics are more functional, and repel water and wind (as the ‘windbreak’ of the elderly). Thanks to the way in which the fabric is built, with a very compact point.


Two trends in one, the red carmine and the ladylike style cloth coat , with bell cut. It incorporates closures type trench and patches on the elbows. And is from the children’s line of C & A ($ 29.90).


discover The girl's coats

The girls coats, in classic cuts with low flown, colored silk ties or with ruffles, also have their hollow and are perfect for special occasions or as a weekend coat. We find them in very neutral tones like toasting, gray. Or soft pink. Among the most chic coat shapes for girls, this season the cape tries to steal the traditional coat’s protagonist: another of the pieces that surprise this winter. Because they go directly from the mother’s closet to the piques, both elaborated in cloth point. The child size, of course, is designed to be more comfortable, avoiding the very long length. And reserving for the long three quarters, at the waist or past the shoulders.

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