How to start security business and personal defense

How to start security business

Unfortunately, we live in a world where thieves and other criminals are alert to any oversight. It will sound cruel, but you can take advantage of that situation to earn money and give a solution to families that seek to protect themselves. Here I am going to give you some recommendations on how to start security business and personal defense.

How to start security business?

How to start security business

The existence of stores that sell security devices are scarce, most of the people who buy this type of products do it online, but there are also those who prefer to go to a store to see everything that is offered, the quality of the item, product specifications, and installation.

Both options have profitable technological businesses thanks to their particularities and advantages. In the case of an online store, advertising is cheaper or free because you do not have a geographical space for which you have to pay. Everything you can do by sending, people visit your page at the time you want. In this sense, it is advisable to offer delivery throughout the country.

The only disadvantage of an online store is that you could not give the customer the installation service, unless it is in your state, as you would have to invest money and time.

In the case of a physical store,

You have to take care of the location because one way to get to know your technological business is for your establishment to be in a very crowded place for people. Take into account that the competition in this type of business is very small, so make sure it is on a busy street or avenue so that people become familiar with your location.

Although a physical store has the disadvantage of paying rent, it also has benefits, because in this aspect you could include the installation service and earn an extra for it, you can also explain to the buyer all the specifications of the product and keep on display everything you sell.

How to sell security cameras?

Since we talk about business about security, customers come to buy products for their protection, so you do not need great persuasive ability because everything is done by the specification of the article, that is, its description. However, that does not mean that you should be attentive with your client and give him good service in his purchase.

installation of security cameras


If you are also going to dedicate yourself to the business of installing security cameras, try to give accessibility to the client’s schedule, which implies that you must employ staff so that they are the ones who install at home.

In case you can not occupy someone else, then you should limit the client to your free time, either before you open or after closing.

Take into account that the installation of security cameras and the closed circuit is a job that few buyers would know how to do, so you can take advantage of that to get a good extra income. Just remember that you must have the necessary equipment: adequate wiring, DVR, adapters, etc.

offer in business


In a profitable technology business, the main thing is the appliances, that is, all the products that you can offer the buyer so that he feels safe.

As I said before, the service is not very common if it is offered by itself, because almost always the same vendor also has the knowledge and the personnel to adapt the items of security in homes.

As for products, you have a wide range of devices that you can offer, in this sense I recommend you to offer packages or small promotions, such as the typical “when buying an auto alarm, take a pepper spray as a gift.”

Some devices that you can make available to the client are security flashlight; pepper spray; GPS; house alarms (closed circuit); auto alarms; surveillance system for offices, warehouses or companies; paralyzers (taser); smoke detectors; among many other articles more.

If you are not the person who will manufacture the items, then choose to be an intermediary between the manufacturer and the buyer, that is, you acquire all the security devices and offer them to the public at a higher price than you got them.

If you are interested in purchasing these items, I invite you to see our portal where you will find Personal Defense Articles.

Be careful! Some devices are prohibited in some regions, so you should check if your state or city supports the sale of these. The regulations vary depending on the place where you are, so take it into account; there is nothing better than to be informed.

cost of products


Take into account that most of the devices offered in this type of business are somewhat expensive, so you should take great care of your investment since supplying your business will be a bit of high investment. Also, most of the things you offer will surely be imported or minimally from other states or regions.

Here you have two options: personally order the products from your supplier abroad, or order them with an intermediary, that is, someone who has already imported them into the country (in the case they are not from the Republic), but considers that the latter It can be more expensive and the delivery time is delayed.

We emphasize, if you do not have much capital to invest in this business, then it would be convenient for you to sell online, where you do not need to buy so many products, only those that ask you and the most demanded, that is, a small stock.

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