How to fix an exhaust leak with LOCTITE EA 3498 sealant?

How to fix an exhaust leak

The leakage in the exhaust system result in increased fuel consumption and emission of polluting gases, and a decrease in engine performance. Fortunately, there are products specifically designed to ensure leak tightness of the exhaust parts, such as the LOCTITE EA 3498 sealant.

How to fix an exhaust leak?

The exhaust system has great importance in the car’s operation since it is in charge of evacuating all the gases burned to the exterior. It has reduced its harmfulness. In addition, some probes that it includes continuously measure the gases expelled to detect inadequate combustion. It is built by sections, in which the following components can be found :

  • Catalyst
  • Particle filter
  • Probes (Lambda, Nox)
  • Mufflers (one or more)
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Flexo


How to fix an exhaust leak

The exhaust system is one of the elements that can deteriorate more with the passage of time and kilometers. It is exposed to climatic conditions, high temperatures of exhaust gases and possible impacts.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to the replacement of components of the exhaust system is to ensure the correct sealing in each component and between the different sections of the exhaust, to prevent moisture or particles from entering the interior of the system.

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Ensure leak tightness

For this, products such as LOCTITE EA 3498 are used. It is a high-efficiency sealant designed specifically for exhaust systems. It is applied at room temperature during the assembly of the pieces and, through the heat of the exhaust, the curing of the paste is carried out.

Among the advantages offered by this product are its durability and resistance. As well as its great adhesion capacity. Although it is very adherent and resistant. Being relatively rigid the sealed union could fracture easily hitting it.

It should be remembered that before using it, it is necessary to prepare the surface to be sealed and free of dirt and impurities. It is also advisable to sand the exterior face of the exhaust pipe and the interior of the silencer a little.

Repair fissures in the exhaust system

In addition to serving to ensure tightness in the replacement of exhaust systems, LOCTITE 3498 also has other applications. For example, it serves to repair small pores or cracks that appear in the exhaust pipe.


To do this, the area must be cleaned beforehand, since if there is rust or dirt, the product could become contaminated. Next, the surface is moistened and the paste is applied with a spatula. To repair a crack or a larger hole, you can put a metal mesh directly on the damage and apply the paste on the mesh to give more consistency to the repair. Next, you have to start the engine. With the heat generated by the exhaust gases, after about 10 minutes, the paste will harden completely.

In any case, the use of LOCTITE EA 3498 for the repair of cracks should only be used as an emergency solution. It is designed specifically for the sealing of joints in the exhaust system.

A workshop should always have specific tools and products for each type of repair. With a complete team and with the right products it will always be easier to offer the client customized solutions and according to their needs.

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