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Jaguar Land Rover

Mexico is the largest luxury market in Latin America and with the greatest growth potential. This market is the main focus of growth for Jaguar Land Rover in Latin America. Jaguar Land Rover starts operations as a distribution subsidiary from October 1 with the ambition to increase its presence in Mexico.

This growth is based on:

  • A unique product plan adapted to Mexico
  • An exclusive customer experience, based on the development of the dealer network and the “Customer First” commitment
  • A total synergy of the business to integrate the distribution within the world structure Jaguar Land Rover
  • New General Directorate in charge of Raul Penafiel Garcia
  • New price policy in pesos for the whole range


Jaguar Land Rover

  • As of October 1, the link between Jaguar Land Rover and the Mexican market increases, becoming a distribution subsidiary.
  • Customers have always been a fundamental pillar in the brand – client relationship,
  • their experience is based on the development of the distributor network and the “customer first” commitment.
  • “Lead the operations of such an important market for Jaguar Land Rover
  • as Mexico”, now under the new general direction of Raul Penafiel Garcia.
  • New pricing policy in pesos (MXN) for the whole range, allowing
  • competitive prices for the Mexican market.

Mexico City, October 11, 2018 – Jaguar Land Rover. A British company with two iconic brands of luxury vehicles – is pleased to announce that it is opening a distribution subsidiary for its operations in Mexico. The company will be closer to Mexican customers to offer the best solutions for them.

The new business structure increases the link of Jaguar Land Rover with the Mexican market, enhancing local strategies in sales and marketing. Considering the customer at the center of its activity.

Mexico is the most important Jaguar Land Rover market in Latin America. With incredible growth potential for our brands. The country should be consolidated as the first luxury vehicle market in 2018, with a sales target of 50 thousand units. The change in our business structure will bring more flexibility and autonomy for the importation of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles in the country, promoting growth.  And aligned with the overall strategy of the brand, esaid Frederic Drouin, President of Jaguar Land Rover America Latina

The command of the operations of the British company in the country is in charge of Raul Penafiel Garcia. Who took over as General Director of Jaguar Land Rover Mexico from October 1st. With more than 17 years of experience in the automotive sector. The Director General will report directly to Frederic Drouin, President of Jaguar Land Rover Latin America.

I am very proud to lead the operations of such an important market for Jaguar Land Rover as Mexico. With the inauguration of a distribution subsidiary, we hope to make the brand much more competitive in the country. And provide Mexicans with the best range of vehicles, services and an exclusive experience, said Raul Penafiel Garcia.


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The implementation of the distribution subsidiary will offer Jaguar Land Rover customers benefits in sales. And after sales, enhancing the benefits of having a Jaguar Land Rover car.


  • The exclusivity and excellence of Jaguar Land Rover products will be reinforced with:
  • A range more adapted to Mexico
  • With greater options of personalization and accessorization
  • Greater availability of vehicles
  • Competitive prices in pesos


The customer experience has always been a fundamental pillar in the brand – client relationship. For Jaguar Land Rover, the development of the 5 principles of Customer First will ensure a customer experience without comparison in the Mexican market.


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History, design, technology and experience make Jaguar and Land Rover two myths of the automobile worldwide. Being the owner of a vehicle of both brands is something unique, a life experience.

Design leadership, technology innovation and excellence in automotive engineering are at the heart of the Jaguar Land Rover business. “Our innovation is continuous: we will invest more than 4,000 million pounds this year globally in the creation of new products and capital spending. No competitor spends as much investment as we do on research and development, as a percentage of revenues. It is a responsible approach to ensure that our business grows in the future, “explained the director of the Latin American markets, Frederic Drouin.

Jaguar Land Rover invests constantly in the process of creating the product; anticipating the future demand of the clients, trying to perfect and enrich their products. Throughout the world, Jaguar Land Rover manufactures products to meet the needs of our customers. And we are very proud to offer a full line of vehicles for all styles and purposes of Mexicans: fast sports cars. Convertibles, high sedans. technology, luxury salons and a full range of SUVs, Drouin added.

The opening of the distribution subsidiary has the mission to build a unique experience around the product to satisfy the most demanding Mexican customers. Developing the full potential of Jaguar and Land Rover.

About Jaguar Land Rover

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Land Rover is the largest car manufacturer in the United Kingdom and has two iconic brands in the British car industry. Jaguar, with 80 years of history, which now has a new full range of products made up of sports vehicles, sedans and SUVs. And Land Rover, which since 1948 is a world reference in all-terrain vehicles. Controlled by the Tata Motors Indian group, the company has around 40,000 employees worldwide. And markets its products in more than 170 countries.

It currently has four factories in the United Kingdom, one in China, one in Brazil a local assembly unit in India. And a plant under construction in Slovakia.

As of October 1, 2018, Jaguar Land Rover opens its direct office in Mexico. And becomes an NSC from where it will coordinate the distribution and sales operations of 9 dealers and one branch. Mexico is the second most important market for the brand in Latin America.

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